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  1. To match the cpu FSB (FSB:MEM @ 1:1) you only need 533 and at 3.0 667. 800 is plenty. Core2's work good even without extra fast memory.

    The cpu has a FSB that is Quad Pumped(this is why the bios shows 266 not 1066)
    and the memory is Double Data Rate. (Bios and most apps show half the memory speed so 800 is 400)

    So 1066 / 4 = 266.5
    533 / 2 = 266.5

    Those should work fine together.

    What else are you getting with it?
  2. a 4870 but im waiting till the 4870x2 comes out to get that will go crossfire later
  3. You will need a cooler to go along with your OEM CPU
  4. cool, enjoy.
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