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Canon has a bunch of new printers they are releasing this month. Check out the Canon I550 at their web site. It is just like the S750 but supports USB 2.0. If you are interested in the S750 you may want to wait. Here is the link:
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  1. What I would love to see at Tom's Hardware is a comparison of the latest photo printers from HP, Epson, and Canon in the same article; and the winner is...

    Hotel Pastis
  2. RE: article Canon S520 and S750, the Alternatives to HP

    In the article by Vincent Alzieu (THG Sep 26/02), it was stated regarding costs per page that 'The results couldn't be clearer. Pages printed on the S520 and S750 work out to be two to three times cheaper than on the [hp] Deskjet 5550'

    Are the results really that clear, though? In the real world, do most (moderate) users typically print hundreds of pages in one sitting? As I understand it, Canon printers run an initializing routine every time they are switched on. This initializing automatically includes a head cleaning component which in itself uses ink. Should this ink not be included in cost calculations? Are there not components on the lower surface of the Canon printers (below the print head)specifically designed for absorbing excess ink produced in this way?

    It is also my understanding that HP inks and cartridge systems, on the other hand, are specifically designed not to require cleaning cycles even when left idle in the cartridge carriage for extended periods of time (e.g. days/weeks).

    Do not these factors have a real effect on ink costs per page (i.e. increased for Canon, unchanged for HP)? Or am I missing something?
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