"4870x2 user"Screen turns Black and Lines appear later on...

I am 4870x2 user.Bought it lately.mentioned my configration in my earlier thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/ [...] l#t1867225
I doubted my configration but as you guys told me in the earlier thread,I think it would work fineNOW THE REAL PROBLEM...

I didnt Play any games yet.I loaded window vista 64 bit,and installed the "8.9 driver" Soon after restarting window I faced this problem."Window opens a bit late.And in first start the driver stops working after few minutes staying on the desktop :( .and Screen turns black.Only my mouse pointer apears as a series of blackouts starts[WINDOW IS STILL RUNNING DURING THOSE BLACKOUTSS].Then after some time when the screen apears after those series of blackouts.....it shows lines all over my screen.And then in the bottom corner of the screen it shows that my driver has stoped working......

PLEASE MAN JUST HELP ME OUT.You gotta....Other wise I aM' DEAD GuYS :( :??:

PLEASE...its my frst graphic card ever,and dont wnt it to be my last...... :??:
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  1. Reinstall the drivers. And if you can try the 8.10 beta drivers.
  2. man,would it work.Cuz 8.9 aint working then how come 8.10
  3. So it worked fine before you installed the driver and then it stopped working?

    Uninstall the driver and install the latest version (8.10 beta I think).

    By the way your link in the OP is broken, and the link you PMed me was broken...
  4. mockman5 said:

    PLEASE MAN JUST HELP ME OUT.You gotta....Other wise I aM' DEAD GuYS :( :??:

    PLEASE...its my frst graphic card ever,and dont wnt it to be my last...... :??:

    If necessary, try an earlier driver. You can get them on AMD's website. I did a clean install of Catalyst 8.9 along with Vista after upgrading to the motherboard and CPUin my signature last month, and I'd occasionally get black screens in LOTRO (only game I'm playing right now). I'd still be in the game (as my wife noticed on the other PC), but I'd have to bring up task manager and close the game and log back in.

    Well, I decided to uninstall 8.9 and go back to 8.7, which had worked fine for me, and I haven't had the problems for weeks. It makes me think there's some Vista issues in 8.9 after reading your post, and not just game related issues. You can try the 8.10 drivers as suggested, but if that doesn't work; the 8.8, 8.7 and earlier releases are available on AMD's site.

    Good luck with finding drivers that will avoid the BSOD (I guess it's a black screen with Vista?).
  5. wel... i did exactly as you folks ar trying to address me here...
    I installed 64 bit several times and re-installed the driver also.but the drivers i have,[8.9,8.8,8.6 and even 7.10]
    donot support except the "8.9" one.
    But in it it shows the problem i mentioned above....the rest of them after re-installing shows that "driver isnt installed properly and should be re-installed ".

    Well...its about 64 bit.and the 32 bit,I dont know why but i am not able to install that version..every time that window attempts to start for the first time it automatically restarts from the desktop.and after that it show in the booting screen,[where it asks "PRESS ANY KEY TO INSTALL WINDOWS"]
    BOOTMGR error,ctrl+Alt+delt to restart.

    wel..I got really fed up due to that and i decided to re-install the window XP...in it the drivers given in the disk are working.

    I am working on this version right now and it didnt showed any problem.

  6. I have this doubt that it might be my configration......

    wch is creating problem..but it cant be.
  7. OK, delete all your old drivers. Use driver cleaner pro, go to safe mode and delete all your drivers. Then download the latest 8.10 drivers from the link I gave you. Install drivers as suggested by AMD. OK, if your pc black screens on start up, just shutdown, and try again, dont do anything else, but be patient when first booting. Try that and see how it goes
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