Buying DVD Burner today, please help me I am overwhelmed!

I am looking for the best DVD Burner currently. I prefer a retail package (that includes Nero). Will pay up to around $60. I do not want Blu-Ray support, just regular DVD.

Does it make sense to pay $60 for a burner over the $30 models? What advantages accompany the jump in price?

Which one should I buy? Whats the difference between a top dollar Plextor and a cheap Lite-On?
Any advice and/or links to reviews, comparisons, etc would be great!

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  1. Seriously?? I mean how do you people get through the day without asking total strangers on a forum these questions?

    Jump in the pool and go try it out. Then you can reply to the next person about your experiences in buying the cheapest/most expensive DVD burner out there.

    If you want NERO, then make sure its included - you typically pay more for it - I prefer the free IMGBURN personally. Nero has too much bloat for my tastes.

    There is very little difference in DVD drives nowadays. You can pay $30 or youy can pay $60. But just go do it for goodness sakes. While drives can do 22X or 24X speeds, most media is 16x. I know someone will say X is better or Yis the worst, but are you going to believe them?

    I mean its not like we are talking about the last purchase you will ever make - are we?

    Pepsi or Coke?
    Chevy or Ford?
  2. Why waste time posting a response such as that? I simply asked a question - either provide a mature, well-informed response or just move on.
  3. Your budget puts a crimp on the "best" thing. If it were me, I would buy a DVD writer w/o having BR read capability....the best there is way above your budget but worth every penny IMO.

    In your budget range, I'd grab this:
  4. $33.99
    $7.56 Std. Shipping
    LITE-ON Black 24X DVD+R 24X DVD-R SATA Black 24X DVD Writer LightScribe Support Retail
    first review
    Pros: It works, includes a free Nero burning software among attachment cables and screws for a good price.

    1x Winner of Customer Choice Award - CD / DVD Burners
  5. With out BlueRay - for the most reliable CD reader (ripping) - id' go with the Sony Optiarc AD7240S. - This is I think overall one of the cleaner drives. The Lite-On iHAS324 doesn't handle errors quite as well.

    None of the Blue Ray players I've looked at handle CD's as well as the Optiarc, that said if you need blue-ray - I think I'd go with Pioneer BDR-203BK while the CD error correction isn't quite as good as the Optiarc, the DVD correction is better than average.
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