Top end card 4 or so years ago?

Does anyone remember when CS:S came out what the top of the line graphics card was? I'm guessing it could run source maxed out? Am I wrong to assume that? this isn't crysis here just the source engine
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  1. Radeon 9700/9800 PRO maybe? or is that 5 or 6 years ago.
  2. no i think i got my 9600 pro back in 03....

    and yes i think your wrong to assume that.
    i would say eithe rthe 9800xt or x800xt pe..for ati anyway, don;t know squat about nvidia;s history
  3. really? your most likely right b/c i had an x1300PRO that couldn't run it maxed out
  4. I had an x800XT AIW. Ran that maxed out. That was about 4 years ago give or take.
  5. particleman said:
    I had an x800XT AIW. Ran that maxed out. That was about 4 years ago give or take.

    My X850XT has that age +/-. And it ran maxed out too. In Nvidia side a 5800 ? or a 6800 ? But dunno.
  6. CSS and HL2 were released on november of 2004, by that time the 6800 Ultra and X850XT PE were the top cards, if Im not mistaken.
  7. The Radeon 9800 Pro was an awesome card, but I think it was released back in 2003. It served me well until I replaced it in 2006.
  8. Top of the line cards from four years ago:

    ATI Radeon X800XT
    NVidia Geforce 6800 Ultra


    -Wolf sends
  9. Yup the top end cards where the x800XT and 6800 Ultra.

    I bought my 6800GT just in time for Doom 3 and HL2.
  10. Just for kicks, the holders of the graphics card crown since DirectX 7 came out:
    October 1999 - nVidia GeForce 256 DDR
    April 2000 - nVidia GeForce 2 GTS
    August 2000 - nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
    February 2001 - nVidia GeForce 3
    August 2001 - ATi Radeon 8500 (doesn't really become available before losing the crown)
    October 2001 - nVidia GeForce 3 Ti 500
    February 2002 - nVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600
    August 2002 - ATi Radeon 9700pro
    March 2003 - ATi Radeon 9800pro
    September 2003 - Ati Radeon 9800XT
    April 2004 - nVidia GeForce 6800 ultra
    May 2004 - ATi Radeon X800XT (Platinum Edition effectively vaporware)
    December 2004 - ATi Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition
    June 2005 - nVidia GeForce 7800GTX
    October 2005 - ATi Radeon X1800XT
    November 2005 - nVidia GeForce 7800GTX 512
    January 2006 - ATi Radeon X1900XTX
    June 2006 - GeForce 7950GX2 (requires an SLi motherboard to properly use)
    August 2006 - ATi Radeon X1950XTX (does not require a specific motherboard)
    November 2006 - GeForce 8800GTX
    May 2007 - GeForce 8800 Ultra (Tom's has no article specifically for the original 8800 ultra)
    January 2008 - AMD Radeon HD 3870X2
    March 2008 - GeForce 9800GX2
    June 2008 - nVidia GeForce GTX 280 (in some places weaker than the 9800GX2)
    August 2008 - AMD Radeon HD 4870X2
  11. well when people say max'd out, i assume everything high at a constant 60fps.
  12. haha thats an awesome find nottheking, guess the thread ends there pretty much :)
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