Should I upgrade my machine? 8800GTX problem?

Ok, so I am looking for some advice here. I currently have the following system:

8800GTX graphics card by NVidia
4 gigs of decent DDR2 800 memory
FATAL1TY motherboard by Asus, nothing special
2.667 Core2Duo processor

I have a pretty cramped case, and due to where one of my vital fans is, I am plugging my 8800GTX into a secondary PCI-E slot so it's running at 8x instead of 16x. A major question is, how much performance hit is that causing?

Secondly, I play on 1680x1050 resolution, and my WoW framerates are disappointing. On maxxed out graphics I will dip down into the upper 40s depending on what is going on. To some this is nit-picking, but it bugs the holy hell out of me because when it drops that low I can really notice.

My budget is of prime concern. I've saved up 1,200 dollars, and want to replace my system, but do not have the cash. I'd be good to go if I could sell this current machine for 1,000 dollars, but I've gotten no bites on Ebay.


Should I update my system? If so, which graphics card (or SLI-Xfire CARDS) should I get? What motherboard do you recommend? Thanks for your time.
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  1. my 3Dmark06 score is 11484 3DMarks, but it seems kinda low to me. I'd like a really nice system, preferabbly within the 2,000 dollar mark (no higher than 2.7k). Also, how much could my system sell for, and how could I go about doing that?
  2. Why don't you just buy another case instead? I have a 8800gtx and a quad at 3Ghz and hit 60fps (vsync on, never really know how much i could get) all the time (well for the sort time I played).
  3. The 8800 is a very solid video card , i also own one myself i would keep it, unless you want to spend more money. But i would go with a bigger case, there nothing wrong with the video card you are using though.
  4. At that resolution you should have no issues in WOW.

    Get yourself a decent case. One that you won't need to upgrade again for a long time. Put your card into the primary PCI-E slot.

    Check your card and CPU with GPU-Z and CPU-Z.
  5. Im am sorry, but you fail if you think your system is fail @ WOW.

    Keep in mind in high traffic cities and instances you will have frame drops and also keep in mind u are playing over a net connection and you will always be limited by the speed of your connection.

    I have: CPU=E8400 @3.6
    GPU=8800gts (g92) 512mb
    MOBO= gigabyte p35
    Memory= 2 gigs of kingston Hyper X

    Ohh and i happen to play all settings maxed @ your resolution as well. ahh your prolly just the type of person to listen to any1 on here telling you to buy more crap and you would, LOL. IE go get the xigmatek cooler and u have to get this vid card and u need this cpu to pwn, and i bet you would listen and go buy all this

    With my config i pwn wow setting maxed, im not sure what your deal is... but what i have is about the same as you and i would not even remotley be thinking about upgrading at this time, it would be a total waste of money.
  6. You shouldn't be upgrading your system for WoW-that's a horrible decision.

    Keep the parts you have, get a new case, an aftermarket cpu and gpu cooler.
    Overclock your processor and graphics card a large margin and you'll see noticeable gains in your games. Seriously, save your money for other things, you still have an extremely capable system.
  7. I've tried overclocking my card, and it has a low threshold for overclocking. The max I can push it before it locks up is 640/1450, with the stock color but the temps never go over 60 celcius under load.

    As for the comment about me upgrading just for WoW, this is not the case. I also play Crysis, UT3, and CoD4.

    As for the comment about me failing, no. I know what is wrong with my system: The card is in the secondary slot, and it hinders performance. I just wanted to see what others suggested I do. ALSO, you do NOT take a frame rate hit because you are playing over the internet. That is just plain foolish.

    Thanks for the serious reponses though, much appreciated.
  8. How do you feel about my comments on a new case, and aftermarket cooling for your cpu to allow for a large overclock on that. I've been monitoring my FPS in CoD4, and even down at stock 2.13ghz on my e6400, with an 8800GT at 1440x900 2x AA, 8x AF I run it at almost 70+FPS at all times, peaking in the 90s. I don't drop below 60 unless there is like an air strike right on top of me.

    Your graphics card is still, after 18 or 20? months since being launched, a very powerful piece of hardware. So yeah, instead of a whole new system, wouldn't a case with better airflow, and a cpu overclock solve all your problems?
  9. I would recommend upgrading your case and CPU cooler.
    You can then move your 8800GTX to it's proper 16x slot and give your CPU a nice healthy overclock.
    Then you can start saving for Nilhelm which should be out in a few months.

    Your GPU is still very strong and has enough power for every game out there, sans Crysis.
    The problems you are having with WoW is because of your internet connection.
    If you want to fix this issue, make sure no one is using your internet while you are gaming and upgrade to a faster package.
  10. does the connection really effect frame rates? i mean, shouldn't the game run based on the local hardware? i can see it causing choppy movement or lag, but that's different than the framerate, it should actually improve your framerate if you think about it, since the computer is getting less information on other player movement so it's not doing as much work for them... i dunno, i'd think the game was coded poorly if it had to wait for your internet connection before drawing a frame.

    oh, and i'm not sure how much the alternate pcie slot matters with that card, does that card max out the x8 bandwidth? i thought that wasn't an issue yet
  11. I agree with the case comment, and have already ordered a better case from new egg. I have a very nice CPU coller on my CPU already, and while I'm migrating the parts over to the new case I'll go ahead and overclock it as much as I can.

    Apparently when a card such as the GTX is used in a 8x slot, it uses only 90% so of it's maximum efficiency. Putting it into the first slot will probably be enough to make me happy. After that, I'm going to try and overclock it some more.

    What does it mean if my system hangs when I try and overclock my card? The max I can push it is 630/1045 or so before my system hangs. The temps never get over 60 celcius.
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