Reset ink cartages for HP busisness inkjet 1100

I have read that after 2 years that the cartages remember by code there age and can't be refilled is this true if not how do you reset them ?. I have refilled my cartages but the printer stills tells me that the yellow needs to be replaced or it will not print. Can you help Thanks
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  1. There is usually a button on the printer that clears the alarm, and it will print if it is out of ink or not.
    You should just buy a yellow ink cartridge. If you refill the cartridge, that does not make it last forever. The nozzle can get clogged up with dried ink.
    If you do not print color all the time, the jets can get plugged up with dried ink, and the printer will think you are out of ink. Start with some fresh new cartridges. Then you can refill them a few times.
  2. The 1100 is a pretty old printer, aside from possibly being an issue with the ink cartridge, the printer itself may have a problem.
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