Mobo (xfx 790i ultra) cant read floppy


Couple weeks ago I've finally built my system from scratch for the first time. Almost no problems were occurring (that made me happy) except couple.
My motherboard (nVidia XFX 790i ULTRA) has the digital output on it saying FF. I figured out it could mean 'Floppy Fail' because every time I start my computer it says something close to floppy detection - fail press F1 to continue.
Floppy is connected (if correctly which I have checked countless times), although its an older version of a floppy, bought it back in 2003.

Thanks for help, and if you need more information just reply. :)
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  1. pull the cable from the back of the floppy and flip it around 180 deg.

    for a quick test you can unplug the cable and the power from the floppy, go into the bios and not enable it to see what happens.
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