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if i play a simple flash game for example, my cpu is running at 100%! i have installed a new hdd, with a fresh install, no antivirus, but still the same. any help appreciated.
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  1. CPU is overloaded from too many processes running at the same time, not enough RAM memory.
    If you have a single core CPU, less than 1 GB RAM, no wonder.
    You have to minimize the number of programs running, and we don't know what programs you loaded.
    So, list all the programs you loaded, and we may be able to help decide which ones can be eliminated.
    click start, control panel, add remove programs, look at the list. What programs are on the list?
  2. List your system specs, that always helps.

    When your run the games, hit ctr-alt-del to bring up Task Manager, go to the Process tab, sort by CPU. What is using up the CPU?

    Have you done driver and Windows updates? Updated Flash player to the latest version?
  3. hi all.
    loaded nothing but xp home. total fresh install only.
    task manager shows internet explorer using 99% of cpu, as it did before the new hdd. just tried playing a simple flash game, badaboom, looks like slow motion!, 99% usage. system spec is old. 1 gig ddr2 ram, and a athlon 2600 cpu, but used to run well for what i needed, flash games, surfing, and excell.
  4. When you did the clean install of XP, have you done updates? What version of I.E. and flash are you running? What do you have for a video card?
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