How to set HD as slave (non noob)

Hello I have just built my computer and now I am trying to bring my files from my old computer to my new computer. I've built many computers and I am fairly experienced.

My problem is that my IDE HD gets boot presedence over my SATA drive for some reason. Both are recognized as slaves:

The IDE drive gets set as slave by removing the jumper.

The SATA drive appears to have NO jumper setting that indicates it as a Slave OR a Master the only settings are:

Jumper 1&2: (spread spectrum clocking)
Jumper 3&4: Power up stand-by
Jumper 5&6: 1.5 PHY

So my computer boots off my old IDE HD and I have NO idea how to make it so it doesn't...
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  1. SATA does not have slave or master settings. There's no jumper setting for it because each SATA port is independent, and all of them are equal as far as booting is concerned.

    You should be able to set boot order in the BIOS.
  2. This is more likely Bios issue, you should try change boot priority in your mainboard Bios.
  3. Yes I thougt of this; however, the boot priority does not specify particular drives (example: CD-ROM, HARD DISK, USB.. etc.)

    So there is the HARD DISK but it does not allow you to specify the HD you want to boot from.
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