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I have purchased a 1GB Nvidia Geforce 8600GT 1GB PCI-E Video Card. Will this card operated on 300W of power or must I buy a different power supply? What happens if my power supply is too small for the card? Could it damage other components?
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  1. Hi m1schuld,

    Welcome to the forums, you should be fine with that card, It dosent need any extra power as it takes all its power from the PCIE slot which has a standard output. If you look up the specific make on the manufacturers page you will probably find that it says 300 Watt supply anyway.

  2. I did check the system requirements, as you stated. Sites like amazon and some ebay sellers note that it requires 350W. What do you think?
  3. Plug it in, turn on PC, do something with it, and see if it breaks, i guess.
  4. A 300W PSU should be plenty, assuming it isn't one of the lightweights that come with cases (Antec not included; those are good). What brand and model is the PSU?
  5. Nothing spectacular: Acer Aspire AM-5640
  6. Sorry, I misread your post. The PSU is: FSP Group, Inc.
  7. Thats the model of the pc, not the power supply. The only info I can see on the power supply from any site is the base info, 300 watt psu. I would think it would be safe to try it since its a lower power demand video card.

    Plug it in, power it up and load a game and see if it works smoothly. Otherwise, go out and get this power supply if you have the spare funds to do so. If it doesn't work well you will have to anyway:


    This will end your doubt and that is what I would suggest to do from the start but if your broke try my first suggestion.

    Good luck!
  8. Its probably ok. Try it 1st then if it doesnt seem to run smoothly without artifacts and whatnot then go for the power supply I suggested above...
  9. Is there a risk to attempting it? Mother board damage etc?
  10. I dont think theres anything major to worry about. It should be unstable and possibly shut down if theres a problem. If this happens just remove the card and go back to the way you had it set up to begin with until you get a better power supply. You dont want to keep trying to make it work if its unstable.

    I would feel better about it if you can swing the power supply upgrade. The one I recommended would be perfect for your setup.
  11. Thank you for the help!
  12. Well, how many other goodies do you have in your case. Do you have high def sound--that takes alot of power. Do you have more then 1 hard drive, card readers, more then 1 optical drives. All of these things require extra power. If you only have 300watts with all these other things running, no you dont have enough power. I would safely say bump up your power to 480watts, they can be purchased at your local computer store fairly cheap. Once you go over 480 you are going to look at alot more money.
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