CCC Says 0% GPU Activity 0.o

Right, so at this moment i am rendering one of my school projects on 3ds Max, and i just found out that i could find out my graphics card temp on the Catayst Control Center. Well, i checked just to see how my 4850's tempreture was doing, i looked at it, it was stabely on 68 degrees. Below that it has a dial for GPU Activity. It reads 0% and occassionally goes up to 1%. Is the graphics card doing any of the rendering (if its meant to) or is it doing 68 at idle? Could someone just explain this to me.

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  1. The rendering is probably being done by the CPU, there are programs that support GPU rendering acceleration, but mostly betas, not commercial software.

    In a few years the story's going to be different.

    And yhea, videocards tend to idle at 60~70ºC, it's completely normal (unless you're using an aftermarket cooler)
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Yep!
  3. my 2900xt idles at 50C =]
    both of them
  4. Ok, also i was reading something, and aparently gaming GPU's dont work as well with 3d Modelling Programs. For that you will need a specific 3d modelling GPU, or something along the lines of that.

    Also, i found a fan fix for the 4850. Apparently the fan doesnt run normally, now im running my fan at 50% and its idling between 46-47. Dunno what it does on games yet, il check it out later.
  5. Hello I don't know why people can not read this person was asking about why his Activity Meter was not reading what it should be and I am curious as how this is as well seeing that Mine Is DOING the SAME Ugh ATI! Help with this would be nice. I Am TALKING ABOUT THE CCC and when you go into the ATI OVERDRIVE Menu It Has to the Right a Section Of Meters First being Temp yes next being The Activity that's the one I'm TALKIN ABOUT HERE NOT TEMP ACTIVITY... It reads ZERO! WHY.
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