abnormally high gpu temp

guys, im running a 4870 and on the advice of another
user downloaded a program called GPU-Z. It is showing my GPU
as being about 60 degrees idle and when i play games it bumps up to
80 degrees!!! this cant be healthy. can anyone tell me if this program or reading
is reliable and if so what should i do???
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  1. Increase the fan speed with Rivatuner.
    The temperatures are within norm, but can be improved.
  2. Average temps for most graphics cards (a bit below average actually :D), but well below normal for a 4870. No cause to worry until you can hit 95 or so; GFX cards can take the heat.
  3. thats a relief, it just sounded really high, i didnt expect they would run so hot. i have a very well ventilated case etc, so i just didnt expect it to run so hot. thanks for the confirmation guys. i recently ran 3dmark 06, and got about 14000 marks, running a q9450 stock and 4 gig of ddr 1066, are these reasonable scores also?
  4. Yeah, I have mine topping 85C at full load, quite normal. It will start to reduce speed if it hits 100C or so to save itself from damage. I remember when I had Geforce 6800 or 7900 one of them had 120C stated somewhere in control center before throttling down speed.
  5. Drop and aftermarket GPU cooler on it.
    Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 rev2 (there is also a fan kit - Turbo) is a great one.
    Works very well in ventilated cases without fans on it.
    Dropped the temps on my 8800GT 15 -20 degrees ( 65 to 45 under load and 55 to 40 in idle). All this in complete silence.
    This kit can be mounted on the 4870 i think, giving the fact that ATI didn't changed the mounting holes on the board ( at least that 's what I read around)
  6. what about the speed, is this around what i should be achieving, i will be overclocking my cpu soon so im sure that will raise the scores a bit?
  7. I don't know what to tell you about the scores, google it see if people with similar systems are ahving the same score. For a CPU at 4GHz and a 4870 doesn't seems like much. My system (Q6600 stock, 2G RAM and 512 8800GT gets about 12k....) I would expect an oveclocked Q9450 with a 4870 to be close to 16k, worst case scenario in the low 15k, but this is just a wild guess, don't bet on it.
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