Graphics Card Help Needed - Plz.

Hello everyone.

Sorry to bother you all just really need some help for my partners PC.
He has been given an old PC from my parents and even tho it's in amazing condition it needs some upgrades.

The current Graphics card is

Card name: SiS 650_651_M650_740
Manufacturer: SiS
Chip type: SiS 650 Rev 00
Display Memory: 8.0 MB

Now he's wanting to get it to 256MB so he can play a game called World Of Warcraft.
Not really sure about PC's but if you need any info please ask and I will try my very best to provide it.
I can also include pictures of inside the PC if thats any help at all.
As you can probs tell I'm abit of a newbie when it comes to computers other then ebay haha.
Just really need some help gettin his PC sorted.

So erm ask away cause I really don't know where to start with this issue.
Sorry for bothering you all.

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  1. seeing how small the vram is i,m guessing that your pc uses a AGP slot. do you by any chance know if this is the case? if so there is a limited choice of cards to chose from but how much would you be willing to spend on a card?
  2. Hiya
    Is that the brown one near the White PCI slots?
    I did abit of lookin up but I'm still a total dummy.

    Would this be any good?
  3. I would say go for a 4870x2... That would absolutely destroy world of warcraft.

    Not being serious btw.
  4. Do you have ANY other spec for this system?

    From what I gathered, this thing must be old as hell, it has only AGP 4x support; I don't know if any upgrade will make WoW playable on that. If you are looking for potentially compatible video cards, you can look here.
  5. col-p-todd said:
    seeing how small the vram is i,m guessing that your pc uses a AGP slot. do you by any chance know if this is the case? if so there is a limited choice of cards to chose from but how much would you be willing to spend on a card?
    SIS650 is actually a chipset with integrated GPU, it supports AGP up to 4x.
  6. Well atm it's got 256MB ram but thats been upgraded to 2GB which is pretty good for WoW.

    I know it's for 2.40GHZ processor.
    erm thats about it.

    I was told WoW is already playable with Ram added but the graphics won't be too hot.

    There is a brown slot just off side of the mother board which I assume is the AGP.
  7. If it's brown than it most likely is a AGP, to be sure just type in agp slot in google (pictures) and see if they are the same as your slot. The card from your link would work, but i,m not sure if that would be fast enough. I don,t have the game myself so i,m not exactly sure how much power it requires but i know it's a pretty intence game. if i were you i would be looking at something like this
  8. Yup it's a AGP port I looked on google pics.
    He understands it will never be a uber gaming PC but he just wants something he can play WoW on.

    WoW says 256mb graphics will be more then enough
    May I ask whats wrong with the
    Nvidia GeForceFX 5700 LE 256MB
  9. i had a system close to that: p4 2.4 and a 6600gt agp....i could play wow on low at 1024x768 or medium with aa with 800x600.
  10. So what specs of a graphics card do I need to look for cause it's gettin vert comfuseing >.<

    My PC is 256mb card and plays it perfectly
  11. Its not so much about the video ram as it is about the capabilities of the GPU on the video card. 256 mb cards range now from super low end to the mid range of video cards. 5700 is an older slower less able 256 mb card. For £18.00 I couldn't find anthing to beat it, but for a little more money (twice as much) I found a few good cards from
    Best card, most money:
    Little less money:
    Even cheaper, but less performance:
    Used, but better then the card above it:
    So just some cards to look at if you have more money. I don't know of any good computer parts stores to look through for GB but 16XX from ATI or 7600 from Nvidia is probably the sweet spot for your rig. If you could find an X800 or 6600GT (or 6800) for the AGP bus that would work as well but they dont seem to be common.
  12. The 5700 is a five year old card. I am not familiar with how low WoW can go as far as settings and details, but I imagine that it won't look the greatest to run on the 5700LE. Someone with WoW experience can probably give you a good idea of how much detail you can have and have the game run smoothly. There a at least a few people on the Blizzard forum running the game with a 5700 so it can be done.
  13. So is this PC useless? or is it worth upgradeing
  14. How well do you want the game to play?
    It will play the game in low resolution with low settings. If you don't mind that then you are fine.
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