OC'ing Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 OC version

Hi to all! I'm wondering if you can help me about maxing out my video card, I would really want to see how far it can go. BTW this is my setup: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz (OC'ed to 3.49GHz), Asus Striker II Formula 780i SLI MoBo, Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 OC version 1GB 512-bit, Corsair 4GB Gaming Memory (2x2GB), Cooler Master V10 cooling system for cpu and memory, Cooler Master HAF 932.

My current config for my video card is:

Core Clock - 685
Shader Clock - 1497
Memory Clock - 1295
Temp - Idling at 48-49 deg. cel.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Download FurMark, RivaTuner, and EVGA Precision. RivaTuner may not work with the latest drivers. EVGA Precision requires you to reboot before setting take affect (could be a different circumstance because I have a MSI board for my GTX 275).

    Lots of articles out on the web. Start out by stressing your current card and finding your max temperature, and also benchmark your stock settings so you can see the difference after you finalize your overclock. If your current temp is over 75C, I'd go with aftermarket cooling before overclocking any further. Note: Sometimes driver updates can decrease your temperatures.

    Then, you overclock your Core Clock first, Shader Clock next (sometimes both if you want to just get it over with), then your Memory Clock last. Stress your system, then benchmark it until you get it stable. THe highest settings may not actually make your card any better, therefore the benchmarks come in handy.
  2. yes, I have been using evga precision.

    got low scores upon reaching the 700 core clock and 1310 memory clock points. Does the EVGA precision really requires reboot for the settings to take effect?
  3. I don't use 3d mark. Benchmarks are benchmarks. FurMark has a benchmark scoring system. My score doubled compared to my stock settings. The good part with EVGA Precision is that you can go back to your stock settings to compare pretty easily.

    What I notice in my games is the detail levels I can set, and the amount of sputtering I get if I try to add more and more detail. FPS that I monitored jumped an average of 15 (I play at 1900 x 1200, so it won't be a bigger jump in FPS than you'll see in lower resolutions).
  4. got game crashes on GTA IV and Need for Speed Shift a while a go. Placed my settings on stock and still got crashes. The game just exited while playing. Do you think I damaged my video card?

    lowered all my settings (core clock, memory clock, etc.) to 5 steps each. And idling the GTA IV for 4 hours now. I think it's ok now. But still, do you know how can I check if it's damaged or not?

    *2nd edit
    experienced the crashes again.
  5. EVGA precision takes my setting as soon as I hit apply, I don't think your statement is accurate. Download gpu-z to check your video cards info after tweaking it.

    You should try overclocking one setting at a time, for best results. In increments of 5 mhz or so,raise up the gpu, then test for stability. Once you get the gpu stable at a given frequency, move on the the next.
  6. Completely remove and reinstall drivers. OC based crashes can corrupt drivers (happened to me at least 5 times figuring out my max OC on my 4870)
  7. JofaMang said:
    Completely remove and reinstall drivers. OC based crashes can corrupt drivers (happened to me at least 5 times figuring out my max OC on my 4870)

    hmm i've done that a while a go then tested it stock with 3dmark06. it's 5k+ points lower than the previous points at stock that i got yesterday. any opinions?
  8. i think i know what the prob is. when im playing with full load graphics, my gpu temp is 85-91. and i researched for the right temp for my video card and they said that reaching 90 is dangerous for the card. so i set my fan speed at 80-100 when i play, so it's temp now is only 72-76, and still not experiencing any crash lately.
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