DVD player/burner won't recognise blank DVD+RW!

DVD player/burner won't recognise blank DVD+RW!

The dvd players/burners in a couple of laptops and desktops won't recognise a(couple of them actually) new memorex blank DVD+RWs!

The windows error message says (in case I can't post the Screen shot) . . . "
"Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted or it
might be using a format that is not compatable with windows."

The dvd players/burners will recognise store bought DVD's as well as other memorex DVD-R's!

Is this a DVD"+"s issue as compared to DVD"-"s?

I had recorded a memorex DVD+RW prior to this but for some reason it decided not to read the next one.

At this point I haven't determined whether or not this is random or intermittent or both!

any thoughts or suggestions?
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  1. Very old drives may only work with -R and -RW discs. There's usually some small print on the front bezel. Or open the computer and read the label on the drive case -- it'll at least give a model number you can Google.

    Be careful the that drive isn't just taking a long time to recognise the disc -- this fooled me with one of my drives and I went out and bought +R discs for it puzzled that it wouldn't read the earlier disc type -- of course it would had I waited a little longer (as I later discovered).

    However, if the drive is just getting fussy about brand or type it may be on the way out -- you could try cleaning the laser lens.
  2. thanks fhart will try cleaning
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