I5 750 @ 4.656ghz 8.970 superpi run

G'day Guys,

Stoked with this result so i thought i would share.

Done on:
i5 750 @ 4.656ghz (194 * 24) turbo on, 2 cores to get 24x multiplier
gigabyte p55 ud3 mobo ($163 board)
4gig patriot viper ddr3 running undervolted @ 1164
Coolermaster Tx3 air cooler ($29RRP) lol so cheap

If anyone knows how to get cpu-z to load properly in safe mode i will take a screeny of that. but check my other benchie results and you will see im not trying to make this up or anything.

Anyway im stoked to get 75% overclock and into the 8second bracket especially on a $29 air cooler

the i5 rocks

volts around 1.52 for 4.656 but needed just over 1.4v for 4.5ghz

anyone know how to get realtemp of cpuz working in safe mode
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  1. this is later. with all 4 cores running in full win . 4.515ghz
  2. You really made SuperPI your bitch... even more impressive when you factor in the cost of the CPU you used.
  3. i like superpi. its a nice tiny, quick little benchie that dosent superheat the cpu and seems to scale really well and show "real world" processor performance whereas the 3D mark style benchies run too long that they are annoying when making little changes
  4. definitely getting the i5. What an awesome proc!
  5. That is awesome.
    What is stability and temps like when running Prime95 on the 4 cores?
  6. i wouldnt run stability at those clocks.

    ive 3d 06 benchmarked at a touch over 4.3.

    probably the highest "stable" would be ~ 4.1-4.2ghz with my cheap air. but i havent tested it yet

    benching and going for the max is more fun atm
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