What Power Supply?

I needed a Power Supply ASAP so I bought one locally - an Antec 850 watt for $200.00 bucks. I want to buy one online and return this one as it's way overpriced. Anyone have any recommendations that is modular and will run my gear better than the one I listed below? Might as well save some money...

Here is the one I have.

My gear is:
Asus P5Q Pro
4GB Mushkin Memory
2x Western Digital Raptors
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  1. Your 4870X2 requires 6 pin and 8 pin pcie psu connectors.
    A quality unit with these two connectors should be fine, since the rest of your system is typical.
    Quality units come from PC P&C, Corsair, Seasonic, Antec to name a few.
    A quality unit will be able to drive those two connectors at full loads and temperatures.

    A low cost Seasonic unit is this 500w unit:

    You might expand your selection if you will pass up Modular. You will end up using most of the leads anyway, reducing some of the benefits of modular.

    For the same price, you could get a 610W PC P&C silencer610:
    ---good luck---
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