XFX Geforce 9800GTX+ x2 in SLI, working 2 screens?

Well, the topic doesn't say much but I'll try to explain it as thoroughly as I can. First off this is what I'm using:

2 x XFX GeForce 9800 GTX+
XFX 790i Ultra SLI motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo 3,33ghz
Corsair TWIN3X 1333MHz DDR3, 4GB
Corsair Powersupply 1000W

Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate x64

Everything on my computer is Working perfectly fine BUT I have allways been using the TV out mode and now when I upgraded my computer I noticed these could give me HDTV out, I am using a HDMI cable and the screen is perfectly fine aswell, the problem is that I want to use both my computer screen and my TV at the same time, like I did before this upgrade.

I was using clone screen from computer to the TV and it has allways worked perfectly fine, but now with these new graphiccards I don't even have an option to have 2 screens at the same time eventhough I'm using 2 graphic cards and I have 4 DVI outputs...

When I'm in NVidias Controllpanel I go to the "Set up multiple displays" in the displays tab and there I can only find a three way step by step thing to set it up. The problem here is that there is only one option and that is:

"Choose the nView display mode to use."
"Only use one display (Single)"

this really pisses me off...

Below there is step 2 which allows me to choose which screen I want to use and I can only choose one and In that scrollbar I can find both my Sony SDM-S95DR/FR (which is my computer screen) and my Philips 1080p TV.

So with that I figure the computer knows I have them both correctly plugged in but it doesn't support more then one screen? seem very off for me, but what do I know, maybe I need a third program just to deal with this.
Or maybe Nvidias drivers just doesn't support more then one screen while using SLI, I don't know, just want a quick answer to this.

Anyways, Thanks in advance! //Richard.
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  1. Drivers don't support 2 monitors in SLI, have to disable SLI to have multi monitor support.

    Until...new drivers in September sometime are rumored to enable multiple monitor support while in SLI.
  2. Oh, thank you very much! I'll keep a look out for that driver :)
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