Q9550 & S1283

I OCed my Q9550 to 4.0 @ 1.2125V.
I have the fan on the S1283 pointing at my top case fan...
My idle temps are in the low to mid 40's.
And my loaded temps are almost 70!!
What's going on? Aren't these way to high? Especially with my aftermarket cooler?
Should I replace the AS5?
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    What speed is your CPU currently clocked at? What type of case are you using and what is your abmient temps?

    I think it's because you may have hi ambient temps. So with high idle temps, higher load temps would be expected.

    **Well I guess were both editing, since you are at 4ghz.

    **I think you are perfectly fine with those temps and that cooler. Bear in mind, you'll never stress your CPU to the extent that a stress program like Prime95 or linpack testing does.
  2. Appreciate the quick ( and edit ;) ) response...
    I kind of figured they'd be OK, but just wasn't sure if they were normal or could be better.
  3. Alright, so I couldn't leave well enough alone and I replaced the AS5.
    I also flipped the fan so it is pulling through the HS to the topside fan.
    Idle temps are now at 42C and at load in Prime95 ~60C!
    I had too much AS5 on the first time around...
    It's still curing so maybe I'll shave off a few more degrees.
  4. I know what he AS5 documentation says about "curing". But I have never noticed much difference between "green" and "cured" temperatures.
  5. Yeah I figured if it was anything it would be 1-(hopefully)5C...
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