External hd only connects during post?

So i have an external harddrive with a usb and an esata going out. I can use either but i would obviously like to use the esata. I have the HAF 932 case and there is an esata port on the front which has a sata cable behind it (obviously) and i have that plugged into the mobo sata port. When the comp is on and the os is loaded, i can connect the external through usb and it will get recognized but if i plug in the esata the comp doesn't recognize it at all. However if i plug in the esata before i turn on the comp then it does get recognized. Why is it doing this? Is it perhaps some setting in the bios?
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  1. Why it is doing this is because it is being recognized during post. My pc takes longer during post while it is detecting my external drive, you may notice yours does as well.
    It probably is working like ps2, usb mice and keyboards are plug and play, but ps2 mice and keyboards need their drivers loaded in post. You have to plug them in before starting windows.

    The SATA drives should be hot-swappable, so I would look in the bIOS for a setting to enable hot-swap. If you can't find anything in the BIOS to help, there may be a setting within the external drive that may enable hot swapping. I would imagine that hot swap may be disabled on the external by default so that the avg user doesn't lose data when unplugging.
  2. I didn't find any settings in the bios, the only thing that i saw was my sata was in ide mode? whatever that is, and my external doesn't have any settings? I can plug it into my laptop and it works fine its just on this computer i have to have it plugged in before post.
  3. No ones' got any idea why my mobo only detects my external during post?
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