$1500 build...Future CF...suggestions?

This would be my first build.....I'm confident I can do it (I'm not computer tech illiterate)...

...My goals were to have a decent game/general use comp that could be easily upgradeable later...
...I wanted to utilize crossfire...two 4850's to be exact... (I originally had two 4850's, but I took out one 4850 so I could get a nice monitor...I'll get another 4850 in a week or two...)
...I wanted a mobo to fully utilize x16 x16 for crossfire and be upgradeable to quad core later....
...DDR3 wasn't a necessity as quad core wasn't either...
...$1500 was my general cut-off point...

...so here's my newegg build....I captured the checkout page in jpeg format for ease of understanding...

The stretch format is a little weird in the pic....direct link is here:

...any better suggestions/advice/input is greatly appreciated!

...thanks ahead of time for any help!
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  1. looks really good, all good choices.

    only suggestion would be if you are looking to save a little money you could go with the gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 mobo and save about $50. but that asus board is a great board too
  2. If you don't mind the 5ms response time I have the Acer 22'' LCD display and it's great so far. Bright, not too big or anything, doesn't come with speakers or USB ports though. But at tiger direct you can get it for 209.99 no shipping or tax!
  3. I like your system.

    My Sysyem:
    ASUS Rampage Formula BIOS 408
    X3350 @ 3.4 (425X8)
    OCZ Platinum DDR2-1000 4X2Gig @ 1020(510 5:6)
    3X 320 Gig Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 RAID0
    ASUS HD4850 (700/1100)
    ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI
    SupremeFX II
    Kinwin 520W PSU
    Antec Full Tower Case
    Viewsonic Optiquest Q20wb
    Vista Ultimate X64
    Logitech MX5500 Revolution Keyboard/ Mouse

  4. Good solid build, i prefer this DDR2800 RAM more, since you'll overclock it to higher speeds.
    Sure wish i could find a way to cut it enough for a HD4870, but i can't find a way. Perhaps the mobo and monitor that others suggested, but you have a good build either way
  5. All DDR2-800 will not overclock the same. Its better to get faster RAM. I was cheap and got 4 1Gig sticks of PQI DDR2-667 when I built my E6600 with a P5B Deluxe. That RAM would not go over 700 (350).

    When I built this I made sure that I got some good Fast RAM. The reason that I went with DDR2-1000 was, I wanted to make sure that the RAM didn't keep me from overclocking. Intels 45MN CPUs will do way over 400 FBS. The Dual Cores can do over 500 on air. DDR2-800 is not guaranteed to do 1000. With 2.1V the OCZ Platinum is guaranteed to do 1066.

    I know that some people have overclocked DDR2-800 to 1066 But With my luck I would get sticks that will only do 870-900.

    This is just my opinion about DDR2 RAM.

  6. Thanks for the help fellas....I just needed a good thumbs up from some ppl before shelling out my entire summer savings...

    It's on order from newegg now...

    I'll post some benches when I get everything set up.....
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