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Hello everyone i am new here and hopefully i will be here for a long time, i am looking for a good motherboard to fit my new E5200 Dual Core CPU. This is going to be my second build, my primary use for this PC will be gaming and i am still in search for parts etc.

Games i will be playing will be Left 4 Dead, DoD Source, and many MMORPGs. I am on a budget, but if its needed i may get it. the reason i picked a e5200 is because it seems like a better bang for the buck.

A graphics card can be suggested too, i am looking for one that i can stay with for a long time.
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  1. Asus P45 chipset with ATI 4850 should do great. The Asus is a good OC'er as well. P5Q might be a good choice.
  2. this is my cpu i picked, looks like the specs dont match up.


    i do plan on overclocking it, mind throwing something else out here as well :p ?
  3. btw i think my cpu is of right choice, it is solid and i hear its good to overclock. i dont think i will have trouble playing any games with it.
  4. I'd go with Gigabyte on this one. It's tried and tested and you're guaranteed to get a nice big OC out of the cpu. I'd go for the GA-EP35-DS3L or the GA-EP43-DS3L unless you want to go big, so get the p45 version. I've reached so far 3,83Ghz OC perfectly stable on my EP43 and I still haven't messed with the memory or NB voltages or the GPU. There's great potential in this chip.
  5. yes i have a budget too, i rlly want to keep it on the low. this pc will be my forever pc lol, i will have it for a long time so i want to make sure everything is up to par =]

    correct me if im wrong but don't the FSBs need to match on cpu and mobo?
  6. Thanks for working with me on this, i have never overclocked before but do i need to overclock before i put it in the case to match the speeds?

    i believe riva tuner is what is needed to OC?

    i was looking forward for this board: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128337

    if there are any others, and ill keep yours in mind matx =] then shoot.
  7. Why get the EP35?? For 2-3 dollars more, you can get the EP43 which is basically the same but has the much better ICH10 instead of 9. The max fsb is 1600 which is more than enough for a good OC and it supports ddr2 up to 1200 OC which is enough. Plus it has all solid capacitors and it's designed to use all the new power saving options for the new 45nm CPUs.
  8. thats what im getting, not a bad setup. now time for the ram =]
  9. blashyrkh, both motherboards were sold out! aye yaghy
  10. I am doing my first DIY right now and I am using the same CPU and the ASUS board below. I paired them based off of recommendations in the New System Build section in Homebuilt Forum.

    It isn't sold out at the moment. $99 after MIR.

    ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX
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