Small Upgrade Questions

I have some spare money to blow on my computer, so I wanted to get a new graphic card, and upgrade my RAM.
Memory in mind: OCZ 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Card in mind: XFX9800GTX

1st question, my mobo I believe is max 667MHz for memory and the OCZ is 800MHz... would that be a problem? anything bad in the outcome?

2nd question, would my system, well i guess my CPU, would it be bottlenecking a 9800GTX?

Any tips or suggestions welcomed..!

-System Specs-
-Core2Duo E6600
-2x1 GB memory
-Nvidia XFX GeForce 7950GT
-80GB WD Raptor HD (windows/steam mainly)
-500GB Seagate HD
-Creative SB X-Fi
-Windows XP (SP3)
-DirectX 9.0c
Think I have a 550W PSU, dont remember though.
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  1. 1) You should be fine running that mem at 667.

    2) Don't worry about that. An e6600 is plenty CPU for current games and for pairing with that 9800GTX. Crank the eye candy (FSAA/AF) at any decent resolution with maximum details in recent games, and most of the time the 9800GTX will be the limiting factor.

    edit: Check on the PSU though, a generic 550W may not have enough 12v power for a 9800GTX.
  2. Yeah, the PSU is the weak link.

    Can you check on the make and model?
  3. yea xfinity-525w... what size should I shoot for?
  4. 600 W from a quality manufactor is more than enough. I run the system in my sig with a 600W OCZ StealthXtream.
    If you want to buy something good check this charts :
  5. Thanks for all the input, I ended up getting the 700w OCZ GameXStream ($115), just in case when upgrade again, i dont have to worry about a PSU.

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