P5Q Deluxe won't boot on sata hdd if I plug my 2 IDE HDD

I have a problem with my recently bought P5Q Deluxe:

I installed WinXP on a new SATA HDD, and it can boot just fine.
When I plug in either of my 2 older IDE drives (both set as slaves), the system won't start
I also have a sata DVD burner plugged in

From the BIOS it appears that only the dvd is recognized on the sata channels.
I tried every combination of sata configuration to no avail:

the sata hdd is recognized when alone, and XP boots on it
it is not recognized anymore when both the IDE HDDs are plugged in
(I did not try to boot with only one IDE HDD)

additional details
my GPU is a huge msi 9800GTX
I have 2*2Gb of RAM plugged in the yellow slots of the mobo

Thanks for the help
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  1. Try with one IDE HDD as master, the second as slave.
  2. Why did you set them as slaves? Sata is Sata - there's no master/slave config. Set 1 of your IDE to Master and the other to Slave - go to boot menu and select the primary boot to be Sata hdd.
    Its not booting coz you have a conflicting device = 2 slaves in 1 cable. Just set one as master and try booting again.
  3. Thanks I'll try that tonight and tell you if it worked
  4. if you can also explain to me why the sata disk cannot be seen from the BIOS, I'd appreciate it :)
  5. Bio's are finicky sunsabitchis they like things a certain way, when its not that way they dont work like there suppose to, chances are it saw 2 slaves and was unsure what to do with your Sata "hard drive" because the BIOS see the HHD's as Logical drives and the CD rom as a Optical therefore is does not have a conflict with the optical drive.

    Hope this is easy enough to understand.
  6. Well, you were right, most of you: setting back one of the drives as master solved the boot problem, but hte drives still do not appear in the bios
    Now I can see them from the drives manager (dunno if it's the correct name, my XP is French, but you probably know what I'm talking about) but it says they're not allocated, so I can't read them.
    Both of them hold prrrrecious data, so I don't want to format any of them.

    please keep on helping me
  7. Hi again
    problem was solved by using testdisk to recover the partitions
    some of the data appears corrupted though, but it's not as bad as losing everthing
    thanks again
  8. I have exactly the same problem, even when I disconnect all other drives, as I have a windows xp install on the ide. I have tried different jumper settings, tried disabling Marvell to no avail.
    It's just not seeing the ide drive at all.
  9. I know this is an old thread but I think I am having the complete oposite of this problem. I have tried to remove the IDE DVD drive from my P5Q but when I uplug the DVD drive the system wont boot! any ideas??
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