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I am trying to find the multiplier for the HT frequency and for the CPU frequency. I can't. There is a menu in the BIOS called AMD CPU configuration. I enter into it, there is this other option called "CUSTOM P-STATES" Which is disabled, i enable it and inside it there is "CPU DID" and "NB DID" In the explanation tab it tells me that the CPU DID is the cpu divider and the NB DID the nb divider. Their current values are 1. I can change these options from 1 to 16, but has this got anything to do with being the cpu multiplier and the ht multiplier? I have tried changing these options such as the cpu divider to 16 and the ht divider to 8, the cpu divder (200 x 16 = 3200 mhz processor speed for the phenom ii 720) the nb divider (200 x 8 = 1800 for HT frequency) But the computer has not worked after i set these values (did not load up)
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  1. While I do not have the answer for you (I work mostly with Intel based systems) I can say you'll probably have better luck if you specify your specific motherboard, BIOS and BIOS version as those can vary quite a bit.
  2. remove the bios battery for a few seconds and then replace. If it is a divider which i have on my MOBO, i am at 200 core clock and x1 DID, 12.5 multiplier for 2500Mhz, if i jumped to x2 that would make me think i would be jumping to double something in there which would cause the computer to do nothing.

    I have overclocked my older AMD 5000+ black edition. I set this thing to 3.2 Ghz and wanted more so i decided to ramp things up a bit and set things too high. Then after saving bios...... no boot. I removed battery on mobo then change my settings back and then update bios, then try again.
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