Newly Built Computer Wont Power On

I got all the parts for my new computer today, and started building it. When I tried to power t on for the first time, it booted, even posted, but about 30 seconds later it shut off. I began removing components to see if it was a problem with my Ram, video card, etc. It gotten to the point where I have nothing connected to the motherboard but the 24pin power connector, the 4pin power connector and the cpu fan. No difference.

Now, as of a few minutes ago, it wont even turn on for a few seconds. The power indicator on the motherboard is on before I pres the ower button, but when I press it, the computer turns on for a split second and then shuts off. The motherboards power light turns off at this point and then comes back on a split second after.

Is this a problem you've heard of? Is it fixable or do I have to do some returns?

It seems this could be either a DOA motherboard or DOA PSU. What do you think?
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  1. Sorry, Specs are:

    dfi dk x38-t2rb
    thermaltake toughpower 750w
    at hd 4850
    ocz 1066 rame
  2. I have had the same prob on p4 630 Intel 915 mobo...exactly the
    same prob...LoL. Believe me I know its no laughing matter.
    First I felt sick, then scared, then angry...and before I tossed the
    whole mess out...I decided to fix it if I could....
    My prob turned out ot be a dust mote I missed on the flip side of
    the mobo that had apparently been inadvertently sucked in by a
    fan and had gotten lodged between the mobo and the case frame.
    Removing the mobo assembly to the work bench and doing a
    thorough clean job and magnifying glass inspection, then an
    out-of-case build one component at a time usually works
    wonders, and if not...then the prob is either mobo, cpu, psu,
    or ram.
    Here is something that might help tho:

    good luck M8
  3. Well I just bombarded everything with compressed air... still not working. It's either the psu or motherboard because those are the only components hooked up now.

    Is there anyway to tell which is broken? (I don't have another psu to test it with.)
  4. did you take it out and bombard it like he said to do?

  5. No, but I did feel sick, scared, and angry....

    but seriously, anyone have a suggestion as to which componnt is likely the problem? If its the motherboard I have to take off the heatsink and cpu (pain in the arse with push pins) and if its the power supply i have to send it to the manufacture under warranty (slooooooooow). I don't want to end up doing both.
  6. I vote PSU. Buy a tester or pay a shop to test it. Either way it cost you about $10
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