Laptop Internal Hard Drive RPM?

Hey everyone,

I had a quick question about Internal Hard Drives.

I am looking to pop another Internal Hard Drive into my laptop (yes there is an extra spot for one) for movie making purposes...

Anyway, I was looking online to try to find the fastest RPM out there... And all that I have found so far is "WD Scorpio Black." Which has just as much RPM as the hard drive that was built in with my laptop... 7200 ... Is there anything higher than that for laptops?

Such as a 10,000? Or is that strictly for Desktops alone?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Even if one would exist I don't understand why anyone would want to put a noisy, power-hungry, low capacity hard disk in a laptop.
    If your main concern is speed you should take a look at SSDs. They're very expensive and small but so are 10,000 RPM drives ;)
  2. Mimoso's right - for a laptop your best performance option by far is an SSD which not only goes like blazes but is also completely shock-proof and uses hardly any battery power.
  3. 7200 is the fastest spin speed available for laptops. The only way to go faster is to get an SSD.
  4. Some 10,000rpm disks in 2.5" format exist but they're not compatible with laptops, sadly enough.

    Disks consume little power, so this shouldn't be a decisive choice factor. But noise for sure.

    If not SSD, then prefer a 7200rpm with an agile arm and big platters! Something like the Travelstar 7k320. Hearing them before would be nice.
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