How many RPM's is your 140mm PSU fan?

I am trying to quiet down my PSU (loudest thing in my system).

Before I take my Thermaltake (550w) apart to look at the fan (140mm), I wanted to get an idea of what RPM you have seen various 140mm PSU fans operating at. Point is, I am wondering if these things are around 1000 (which would allow me to get a very quiet) or if they are usually faster.

The other issue is what appears to be a lack of choice with 140mm fans.

Any guidance on this subject? It would be nice to get this thing even quieter.

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  1. Some run as low as 600. Can always add a fan controller.
  2. Idk, but mine is silent even when at load. It's a Mushkin 580w, btw.

    And I'd be careful opening that thing up. Those capacitors hold quite the charge. Good luck.
  3. I agree with jedimasterben. I do not recommend opening the psu case. In addition opening the case will void the warranty.

    Just crank up the audio volume and rock the house!
  4. Eh, I work on some pretty dangerous stuff, and I have been lucky (safe) so far, but thanks for a warning, I know that you can die by messing around inside.
  5. Unless ur a retard (which is actually pretty common these days) these things are pretty safe.

    Best way to discharge a psu is put it in bios, then just turn it off at the wall. Even if you dont, by the time u crack the case and the psu open they usually discharge on their own in ~30sec. Unless u leave it plugged in. In which case you probably should die so you dont breed and pass on your retard genes.
    That will suck all the power out. Opening will void your warranty. Ive opened nearly all psu's ive had for one reason or other, including changing to quieter fans.
  6. I don't care about the warranty. I got it for $40 at work and if it breaks, I will buy a better one that is inherently quiet.

    Hell, I totally voided the warranty on my 4850 as I put that massive semi-truck radiator and 120mm fan on it :-)
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