Overclocking Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz , with Intel 875p Mobo

Ok I have one for all of you, I have a PC that is running an Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2ghz with an Intel Motherboard 875P, it has 3 GB of memory and two 500GB harddrives. It runs super fast and I have an ATI3850 AGP GDDR3 and cooling system, a 7 cooling fans, 650 power supply, everything is up to date. My wife plays and does her work on it. How can I overclock the CPU with an Intel Mobo 875P?
I don't think it's not possible but I want to try something...I am playing some games that I wouldn't install on that system. Just to play fare with her I will like to try to overclocked.

Thank you
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  1. i had a 478 p4 3.0ghz HT chip and it wasnt a great overclocker. but you should be able to get about 10% with no real voltage change and maybe 20% with some more effort. its not gonna be amazingly fast but it cant hurt.

    (ill preface this by saying reformat your pc it will probably make the biggest speed difference)

    overclocking your pc will be the same basic principles as any other.

    basic principle: increase FSB (front side bus), maintain ram and pci/agp speed within bouds. increase vcore if necissary.

    first fix your pci/agb speed. so that increasing the fsb dosent adversley effect the graphics card.

    then incrementally increase the FSB speed. say 10 at a time untill you get errors or a blue screen. then back it off a bit.

    make sure if upping the fsb takes the ram speed past its limmits that you change the ram multiplier so that its within bounds.

    if you want something more advanced than a simple little overclock then you will need to do some reading.

    finally. download prime95, realtemp and cpu-z

    ru prime95 and make sure its stable for a few hours and your temps are not too high. if prime95 fails then either back of the FSB speed a little or increase the Vcore a tiny bit. try not to go more than .1 higher than stock for a nice safe buffer.

    more vcore (cpu volts) will allow a higher overclock but is worse for the chip

    id say if you think its "super fast" then leave it....but I crack open just about everything i can find for a bit of a tinker
  2. note with the Intel 875p mobo, it doesn't have the overclocked feature...
    That is why I ask with an Intel 875p mobo that doesn't have that feature. it there any other way..
  3. so you cant change the FSB speed?

    intel 875p is the chipset type i think. whats the actual motherboard make and model.

    if you cant do it via hardware there are software programs for it, but they arent as good and wouldnt make it worth it
  4. Intel 875P Socket 478 ATX Motherboard DBZ875P
  5. yeah. again.

    Socket 478 is the socket

    Intel 875P is the chipset.

    google it. its like the current i5 boards are chipset 55, and the i7s are chipset 58

    there will be a specific make and model. gigabite/assus/msi ect

    try a system information program like "bellarc advisor"

  6. He already said that he has an intel DBZ875P board.

    intel boards (of that era) have no overclocking options in BIOS.

    You could try using some software like SoftFSB - google for it.
  7. Thank you JCLW

    I will look into that later this afternoon. :bounce:
  8. ahh yes, i missed the last little bit of that last. post, like i said above, there are software for it but its probably a waste of time
  9. It's a waste of time, Intel 875p Bios are the way they are. It's can't handle the overclock feature. The system will end up stalling/froze and you have to restart the computer or shut down for 10 seconds. I was just doing some test to see if there was a possible way. That is what I get when I am bored to death. LOL :pt1cable:
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