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I have an ECS G43T-M mobo.Is there any limit to my internal hard drive.I want to use a 1 TB with the mobo to make a homeserver.Will it handle a full TB drive? Does the mobo matter or will all recent mobo wit at least WIN XP or better be able to read a TB. Thanks. Is there a maximum size?
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    As long as your motherboard supports 48 bit LBA (yours does), and you have at least SP1 on your XP installation, you should be fine with a 1TB drive.
  2. Thanks. So any mobo that supports 48 bit LBA is good.Thanks again
  3. Your OS has to support it as well. That's why I said you needed at least SP1 - Windows XP SP0 does not support 48 bit LBA (and has a size limitation of 127GB on hard drives). Any modern version of Linux or any version of Windows that is XP SP1 or newer will be fine though.
  4. Thanks again. i fully understand about the OS.I'm currently running 5 PC's with XP,Vista and 7 so they are all good.Thanks
  5. As long as you don't mind helping me out does that also pertain to laptops or is it true they cannot use more than 137 gig?
  6. Ancient laptops can't use more than 127GB, but anything with a chipset/motherboard that supports 48 bit LBA should be fine (just like desktops). I'm running a 320GB WD Scorpio Black in my laptop, and it detected it perfectly when I installed it (I upgraded from an old 250GB 5400RPM drive).
  7. It's actually an old Dell latitude D610.I upgraded the ram to 2G and wanted to put a larger HDD than the 40 it has so my daughter can use it for the web.How can I check what LBA it has? Should I go to Dell site.I know it's already 5 years old but 40G HDD is a little small.Thanks
  8. Honestly, I'm not sure with that laptop. You could always get a cheap 120GB drive - that would still give you a significant upgrade without hitting the size limit.
  9. You read my mind.That's exactly what I did last night.Thanks again
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