Intel Quad Q9550 or Duo E8600?

I need a little help. I'm building a new computer and my last one is more than 4 yrs old. I do a lot of converting of dvd's etc with some gaming on the side. Is quad core really worth the difference or will the duo be able to handle everything I want to do? I did a search and pretty much everything out there is when 45nm was first released and the prices reflected but now that they have come down quite a bit on the quad core are they now worth it?

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  1. Ofcourse 10 posts down is the exact same question from bigpympin.....looks like the E8500 is a winner all around.
  2. Not really.
    If you are mostly converting DVDs with gaming on the side, the Quads are better since that software is normally quad-core optmized.

    Most stuff if not quad core optmized so Duals win, but for quad core optmized software quads are much faster.

    I would go quad w/o a doubt.
  3. Bang for buck I'd say e8500 is hard to beat.
    I've had good good luck wt a q9300 for 7 months now at 3.5 stock voltage.
    q9400 might be an option. little less change than the q9550
    pro: all Q9400 have new RO stepping 8x multi
    about 50 bucks less than the Q9550
    con: half the cache of the q9550
  4. Dual cores are half the cost, overclock more and own in games. Unless you run alot of multithreaded apps, go dual core. e5200 is under $100 for an easy ~3.5GHz max overclock.
  5. Im a fan of dual over quad due to lower cost, lower power, higher overclock. Quads will be good in the future.
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