Best benchmark for older computers?


I am looking for a good (older) benchmarking program to evaluate older P2 and P3 machines. While it would be nice to have some older comparative numbers to go along with the software that is secondary as I have enough of them to do my own comparisons. I am looking for something that can measure overall system performance especially CPU/mobo/RAM. Video system and hard drive performance would be helpful too.

So I guess I am looking for an obsolete program that is still available for download and hopefully free. Should run on XP and maybe W2K.

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  1. I like the program Metabench from it benchmarks the CPU only and gives a result in MHz that can be directly compared with other computers and is free.
  2. 3dmark 03 might work for you

    there aren't a lot of hard drive benchmarking software thats A. Good, or B. Free

    something in the 3dmark line seems like its your best bet, although i'm not up to date with the older benchmarking programs :P
  3. Thanks to both. I dl'ed mbench and 3dmark2001se and tried them on the 2.0 P4 machine I use at my workbench. They both look like they might do the job on my older machines. I will let you know later if they do the job on the P2 and P3 machines.

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