Does anyone here have the 4870 X2 with the P5Q PRO Motherboard?

There's been a few reports on low performance of the 4870 X2 .. either driver/compatibility issues .. who the heck knows .. but it's most likely down to the motherboard .. and perhaps PCI-E 2.0 ..

So does anyone have this card and this mobo together? I'll be getting the P5Q PRO and wanted to know whether it would run Ok on it .. and not run into any issues.

People are getting performance issues on X48 and X38 mobos with the other system specs well above average.

Just seems very strange .. faulty gpus? :/
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  1. Edit: I should also probably mention the problem that I'm getting too .. okay, so I recevied the P5Q but it was faulty so I'm waiting for my RMA to come though. So I installed the 4870 X2 on my old motherboard (MSI K9n SLi Platinum) with my old processor (AMD 4200+ @ 2.6GHz) ... which yes I know, the system looks like a serious bottleneck, which I understand.

    Thing is .. I've been playing games and running 3DMark and the performance is pretty low. Vantage I have GPU score of 10.5k on performance...

    Also, on the feature tests in vantage I get the following scores respectively...

    1 - 1539.78
    2 - 10.55
    3 - 39.83
    4 - 18.49
    5 - 33.81
    6 - 105.02

    Now compare that with properly functioning tests on reviews...,2845,2327867,00.asp
    (the bottom 3 graphs)

    You'll see some of them are the same as theirs, yet some of them are half the performance .. nearly identical to one 4870...

    I don't know what to make of this .. but adjusting CPU speed didn't make any significant changes at all.

    People with 'uber' systems are also getting performance issues as well though ..
  2. Probably just early drivers.
    There will be no issues running a 487ox2 on a P5Q Pro.
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