My 80GB Samsung is only showing 31.4GB.. Help

And i cant seem to install windows 7 into it because it does not detect the drive even if the BIOS detects it. It always shows it is a 3rd IDE slave.

Is there any particual software to diagnose my HD?
Can i still save my HD?

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  1. Up....
  2. Use ntfs to format(or something like that)
  3. Oh the joys of making ancient hardware work with up to date software...
  4. Your disk may have a jumper to let it announce 32GB, as this was useful with the hated Award 4.51pg Bios. Fat32 would be another explanation.

    Heath: use ShDiag
    read and follow the instructions. Create a Cd, boot from it.

    A 80GB disk isn't the fastest now and may lead to disappointments with Seven.

    For further discussion, the disk model (especially if Pata, Sata...), the mobo model and Bios settings (Ahci?) would be useful.
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