New rig problems

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

I just built my new computer not long ago and I am having some problems. Specs are..

Antec 900
X48 DS4
s1283 HDT w/ backplate
4 Gig DDR2-800
Asus 4870
750 PSU Corsair
640 HDD
Samsung Optical Drive

When I start the computer all the fans come on except for the CPU fan which starts but only stays on for 1-2 seconds. The HDD led on the front of the case comes on. The GPU fan comes on and there are some red lights on the back of the board. I can open and close the Optical Drive. There are no beeps and no video. The computer stays on for up to 20 mins until I power it down, I havent tried seeing if it will stay on longer.

I have been searching the new for similar issue but no luck and I will continue to do so. Just wanted to post here in case someone had an idea..

Edit: Dont know if this means anything, but to the right of the memory slots and up a little there is a vertical row of lights on the mobo that light up when I turn the computer on, theyre green/yellow/red.
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  1. Is the power plugged into the video card as well, the 24 pin as well as the 4pin/8 pin. Also try the standard setup, just have cpu, ram, and video and see if it posts. Also make sure you didn't plug in any pins into the wrong place on the mobo.
  2. Yes, the GPU is powered. Its fan comes on and there are red lights on the back of it.

    I tried just running CPU/GPU/Ram and it does the same thing.
  3. With no beeps it has something to do with the CPU. Sounds like a power connector isnt plugged in or seated all the way. Unplug everything from the board and hook it all back up again. Reseat your GPU and ram. Then try it again.
  4. Well I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the help guys.

    I didnt have the 2x4 power connector plugged in. Been such a long time since I built or even messed around inside a computer and all these new connections had me confused.

    It now post successfully and I can get into bios and everything. So happy that I dont have to mess with an RMA.
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