Crysis + GTX280 = 20FPS?

Hi there,

as the subject already states: I have massive performance trouble with my new graphics card.

My system:
Motherboard: ASUS P5K PRO
CPU: INTEL Core2 Quad (4x 2,4GHZ)
RAM: Kingston DDR 2 800 (2 x 2GB)

At first I had an ASUS EN8800GT. I could play Crysis properly on WinXP 32bit on "high". Now I bought a GAINWARD GTX280 on Friday and was looking forward to enjoy Crysis on "very high" on WinVista 64bit.

Well, what should I say? It is very frustrating to see that Crysis runs only on 15- 25FPS. I googled and found a lot of benchmarks with the new GTX280 series which promised high FPS on high resolutions.
I even tried to tweak the settings in the Nvidia control panel (, but I cannot get more FPS. Even on "high" the FPS are not like they should be. Subjectively, I don't see a difference between my old 8800GT and my new GTX280 in Crysis. That cannot be, can it? Other games show extreme performance boosts. UT3 for example runs smoothly on 1680x1050 with full details at 100FPS.

I have got the latest drivers installed (Forceware [tried even the latest beta; used even Driver Sweeper to get rid of the old versions]) and DirectX 10 updated.

Desperately, I even tried to reinstall Crysis and give the unpatched Version a try, but the problem still occured. The same applies to whether I run the 64 or 32bit version.

Does anybody have a clue what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any help I might receive.
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  1. sounds like a power supply problem to me. how many watts and whats the voltage on the +12V rail?
  2. and he still can't play Crysis over 25fps......
  3. Well, I have got a Thermaltake Toughpower with 750W and 60A on the +12V rail.
    That's what the manual says:

    +12V1 18 A
    +12V2 18 A
    +12V3 18 A
    +12V4 18 A
    +12V Total 60 A
  4. The power supply seems sufficient to me. Maybe you have a dooped video card. Its unusual but possible to get a card that underperforms. I had this to happen to me when I tried a PNY 3870. I was getting half the frame rates and almost half the futuremark06 score that what I got with the 9600GT I replaced it with.

    That shouldnt have been the case but I believe I got an underperforming card nonetheless. Try taking out the card and reseating it and if it still performs lousy then I would RMA it or return it to the local store for a swap if you bought it locally.

    How does it perform on other games?
  5. Well, as I said: UT3 for example runs at 100FPS on full detail, even in battle I have still got at least 70FPS.
    And a friend got exactly the same hardware like me (bought it together) and the same problem with Crysis. I suppose it's very uncommon that we both got an "underperforming" card, isn't it?
    Anyway, what do you mean by "reseating"?
  6. Reseating means pulling and the card out and putting it back in.
  7. OK, I reseated it: Pulled it out of my computer, cuddled it, rubbed it, told it that I love it and will never, never, never ever buy a sli-comrade and that it will be the one and only gfx-card in my computer, carried it around a bit to make it see something else than the interior of my pc and finally put it back in to the pci-e slot gently. I think it cried when I closed the lit.

    Nevertheless: It was of no use. Still the same poor perfomance. :-(
  8. You are expecting way too much from a GTX280 to run 1680x1050 DX10 very high. That is a huge step above Win XP High as far as performance impact goes. You may find some areas playable and would still probably see a boost in performance overclocking your Q6600; I know I did with 8800GT SLI. But the GTX280 is not up to DX10 very high in other areas of Crysis. Throw in your 8800GT and try Vista very high and you'll see how much better your GTX280 is.

    Really, a single 8800GT will struggle to do dx9 high throughout Crysis, often going under 20 fps in demanding areas. An 8800GT is really a 16x10 medium or at best a medium/high card for crysis.
    1280x1024 medium/high and averaging 30 fps:

    Another thing to keep in mind, don't compare your results to reviews directly. Most use the GPU bench, some use the CPU bench, some use real world gameplay, but even then game areas and test results will vary. How demanding an area was benched? 40 fps ave in the GPU bench (paired with a faster CPU) could be 20-25 fps ave in actual gameplay of a demanding level for you.

    Note, in real world gaming, [H] is running 19x12 mostly high but medium objects, and still averaging only 27 fps and seeing fps as low as the upper teens. This is 19x12 res, but it's also far less demanding settings than vista very high.

    For DX10 very high, a pair of GTX 260's (or 280's if money is no concern) with your Q6600 OC'ed to 3.0GHz or above would have been the way to go.
  9. So are you running Crysis on 1680x1050 resolution? You are also running Vista now instead of XP you used to run and you are probably using DirectX 10, which will give you better graphics (well thats what they say anyways) resulting in lower frame rates.

    Check with cpu-z the speed of your cpu and memory. If you are using Speedstep, disable it in the bios and see if that helps (it help me in the past). Also check the speed of your video card and make sure that it's not running lower for some weird reason.

    Check for heat issues (idle and load) and finally make sure you have the latest stable drivers and not beta.

    ...and update crysis if you haven't

    Let us know how it goes.
  10. Don't do crysis in high resolution, i can do high - very high settings in 1200x1000 or so with my 8800gt and it runs like butter... and thats in vista and dx10.. oh and it has like 2x or 4x AA on too.. so...

    i think your trying to do ultra high resolution and thats killing the performance... and you also have to take into account that crysis's medium setting is like every other games high setting. so i bet if you put it on like 1200x900 res, you could get like 30-50 fps on very high settings..

    And really, crysis isn't that great of a game either, so you have to take into account it has horrid coding and that alone makes it lag more than a game should..
  11. it definitely sounds wrong to me... my O/c 8800gt, 1440x900 on Very high runs at about 20fps.

    I dunno maybs its just a card that doesnt like crysis
  12. Listen to Paul. Its not as tho youve just changed cards and dont see benefits, like you said youve seen in other games. You changed OS, youve gone from DX9 to DX10, and upped the eyecandy on the most demanding game out, and of course youre not going to see better results. All youve done is put more demand on a better card, making it a wash
  13. The following are some thoughts:

    1. do you have AA enabled by mistake? That would cause a big drop in performance

    2. Are you comparing multiplayer vs single player? I notice I can play on very high on single player but only high on multiplayer (with 2*8800 gt oc2 SLI)

    3. Maybe you could try overclocking your cpu, 2.4 ghz is kinda slow for crysis imo. I noticed an improvement overclocking my chip by 10% to 2.93 ghz

    4. Did you patch your crysis to the newest version? The older versions are not as well optimized.

    Hope this helps.
  14. P.S. to 'The One', the only reason you thnk crysis isnt a good game is because you are playing it on such low settings. Trust me the higher the resoultion you play on the more you can see how amazing the game is. Especially the multiplayer. You just need to have amazing hardware. Once you've played the game on great hardware, you cant play anything else. For example COD4 looks awful.
  15. Like others are saying, if your doing all of this in the name of Crysis, thats an expensive project for one game. Any other game would be ripped to shreds by that video card so I really dont think I would sweat it.

    Adjust your settings down some on that game and enjoy.
  16. Craig i said i had crysis on high settings didn't I? It DOES look amazing, but so does cod4, ut3, and so did any other game, i'm looking at the gameplay its-self. it looks great for eyecandy, but otherwise its just a revamp of the same "aliens come to earth".

    And i play ALL my games in 1200x900 res or so, i cant stand the others... besides if i wanted to i could bump up the res, because i haven't lagged so far anyway..

    Sorry for making this a discussion about how good crysis is, it's just.. crysis isn't amazing other than graphics..

    Really, i would just put the game on high since it looks awesome on that and be done with it.. i mean, i doubt even the new farcry 2 game will be as "intensive" as crysis, mainly because it should be built better...

    Props for engladr753 thinking like I do :D
  17. @ tomdrum, look at his res, its not 14x9, but 16x10 , which is roughly 35% more. Saying that, isnt the G280 around that much higher in performance over the GT? So, like I said, its a wash
  18. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    @ tomdrum, look at his res, its not 14x9, but 16x10 , which is roughly 35% more. Saying that, isnt the G280 around that much higher in performance over the GT? So, like I said, its a wash

    Yeah i really don't understand how its not performing at least at 30 FPS, then again crysis is weird like that...
  19. There is no problem that is perfectly normal if he turned AA to 8x with very high. My 4870x2 @ 1920x1200 only gets around 25 FPS fully maxed out. Sure I'm running a higher res but it's also nearly twice the GPU power.

    Crysis has no equal in object detail and density that is why it's a great stress test.
  20. bydesign said:
    Crysis has no equal in object detail and density that is why it's a great stress test.

    Yep, that is like the only reason i got crysis... lol

    And it's pretty evident he tried to do something that killed performance, either AA, or resolution is my main guess..
  21. Well, I suppose I simply expected too much.
    I will continue playing on 1280x800, for the next 16:10 resolution is really ugly. Thanks anyway for your suggestions!
  22. i bet if you overclock your cpu you'll see the fps going up
  23. AA kills Crysis, turn it off and you'll get the benchmarks everyone else does.
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