Can't reach 3.6 ghz Help

I can't get more than 3.3 ghz from my intel e4500 cooled with ac freezer extreme and p31 gigabyte mobo .what's wrong in my rig ? the power supply ? if i buy a seasonic or a rasurbo i get more room for overclok ?
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  1. Did you up the voltage already? What settings do you currently have and what other hardware? Memory? I just found out that memory plays a huge role in OCing :). Post your specs and maybe the pros on here can help you.
  2. Mobo Gigabyte P31 Es3g bios F4
    Cpu intel e 4500--> 3 ghz oc'ed
    Ram 2x1 gb Adata extreme 800+ micron d9
    Cooling Arctic cooling freezer extreme temp: idle: 28, fulll load: 40 celsius
    Power supply Delux 450 watt
    Video 9600 gt 512 mb ddr3 gainward
    Hdd 1 Tb hitachi
    My actual settings for 3 ghz stable are:
    Cpu Voltage : 1.475 for 333 x 9
    ram set 2.1 volt auto timings, ratio 1:1 with bus cpu result a dropdown frequency to 667 mhz
    all power savings to off
    performance set to standard
    Northbridge and fsb volt set to normal
    I think that mobo or power supply isn't good enough to get like 3.6 ghz pls get your oppinions
  3. dont worry bout it none of the e4xxx series go past 3.3 just check legion hardwares review, i have a e4600 in my 2nd rig same thing, anything over 3.3 is impossible
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