Western Digital Green 1TB showing capacity 33MB

I have two WD10EADS - come from WD essentials external drive and removed from the case installed internally. Neither has ever been used. In both Windows 7 disk manager and in WD Diagnostic tool these 1TB drives show up with only 32MB capacity. All WD diagnostics run normally and PASS - Any ideas?
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  1. 32MB sounds like the HDD cache memory. Did you try formatting and installing the HDDs with WD Diagnostic Tools?
  2. Same thing that I thought! I have not tried - is that only DOS available tool?

    I used Windows 7 Setup disk to try and delete partition and recreate with larger (it sees drive as only 32\3MB drive also).

    Another thought was maybe there is different firmware that WD uses for their external cases????

    I will try WD Tools - hopefully available for Windows.....

    Thanks for response
  3. It is here. 4th choice
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