Should I upgrade to GTX280? with FX-60 on A8N32SLI Delux

Hi, I have a 8800 GTX with an FX-60 processor, on a ASUS A8N 32 SLI Delux mobo. If I upgraded to a GTX 280 would my current PC be holding it back? Im wanting to play STALKER clear sky on full graphics, and also Crysis. Thanks
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  1. you're gonna need a better cpu if you wanna take full advantage of that card. and if i remember correctly, that board supports DDR memory, which is also very slow by modern standards. i would suggest instead of buying a GTX280, use the money to get a new mobo/cpu/ram and keep your 8800GTX, or possibly upgrade to a 9800GTX+/4850.
  2. I think the fx-60 is socket 939 so it would probably be ddr ram. However I think the fx 60 was the fastest 939 chip you could get. If he can OC which I think the fx 60 series was supposed to be known for, wonder what that would do for him? Either way, new chip board, etc. Even if a new card does bottleneck you can always transfer it to a new system later. Best bet may be to keep what you have, upgrade to a 4850 or 4870. Then later when you go for a newer system, get a board supporting crossfire, and get another 4850/4870 card and there ya go.
  3. thanks for your replys, but my board i thought only supports Nvidia cards, or is that not the case. In which case I might as well just get another 8800GTX which im sure would suffice
  4. Nvidia are offering refreshes in September for the GTX 200 series. I was told on the Nvidia SLI forms. they will run cooler and faster.
  5. Crank that FX up to 3 Ghz, itll run like a 2.4 C2D, which is just on the cusp of getting most out of any card out, except for sli/cf highend, which in some games, no stock cpu is fast enough. A card upgrade will show you more improvements over any cpu upgrade. OC that thing, youll be ok, then upgrade your rig later
  6. The FX60 should be able to handle the GTX280, since it is a dual core at 2.6ghz stock speed. But the biggest concern is that the Asus A8N32 SLi Deluxe motherboard is only PCI-E 1.0 compliant and that is where you will have your bottleneck at.

    Right now I am using the same Cpu and mobo, but am running Quad SLi evga 7950's, with 4gb of Cas4 Corsair XMS ram and have no problem running any game that is out.
  7. really no card can run crysis on totally high graphics with acceptable fps...

    I would get like a 8800gtx-gt.. because a gtx 260-280 is just overkill for now..

    or better yet a 4870..
  8. I want it to be able to play stalker clear sky on maximum settings. Shawdow of chernobyle ran fine on max settings with my current rig, but i know the engine has been upgraded and new effects etc are involved. So wanting to just upgrade it, or overclock it for that. I think i will wait for the nex elder scrolls, before i buy or upgrade the entire system, which is gonna be a fair few years yet.
  9. You wont get the most out of games with your current cpu, but you will get the most out of games upgrading your gpu using that cpu.
  10. Hi thanks for your info. Are there any good step by step overclocking guides for an FX-60 which tells you how to overclock the cpu and memory?

    Also what would be a good card to upgrade to from my 8800gtx to be able to play Stalker clear sky on max settings?

  11. Look in the overclocking section here on Toms. Also, youll have the ability to use the multiplier, which makes ocing very easy. Just go slow, and watch your temps
  12. Lets see how much hate this brings.. considering so many ppl invested in Core i7 yet games dont utilize Quad core & mult-threading.. so Dual Core is all you really need...

    Check this out: So I recently Purchased a GTX 295 Co-op.. a big leap from my GTX 260 216 Core. Was I nervous? Heck Ya!! I wasnt sure I was wasting my money or not..

    But performance speaks for itself

    in Short GTX295 +AMD FX60 = WIN !!!

    The card Demolishes my previous GTX 260 and runs all games (Fallout 3, Crysis, World in Conflict, The Witcher etc) with with AA/AF on the Highest/Ultra settings on my native res of 1920x1200 (24").

    Crysis is still heavily CPU dependent.. no doubt.. so on that I get about 35-43 fps on average with everything maxed.. if you have an i7.. and I believe.. correct me if im wrong.. crysis is made with multi-threading in mind.. so those of you with i7 will reap the benefits of that and likely hit 60+ fps...

    It was a Clean install: Used latest drivers as of October 6, 2009. I of course uninstalled the old drivers and used the latest from EVGA's site. I think Nvidia just came out with another or something.. which still even boosts more improvements in games.. but i'll do that in a week or so.

    So Here are my Specs! Laugh it up!! Cause I do lol

    Antec P182 Case
    Corsair 1000HX (1kW PSU) modular
    Asus A8N32 SLI Mobo
    AMD FX-60 Oc'd 3.0GHZ (watercooled)
    EVGA GTX 295 Co-Op
    2GB DDR400 ram lol
    2TB WD

    Yes.. that is my system!! Believe it or not. I am behind the times.. reaping of the benefits of a GPU upgrade over a CPU ... dont get me wrong.. I love quad cores.. man.. I could easily multitask like the worlds ending tomorrow if I had the i7. but since there are limited games that use Multi-Threading.. .Core i7 is overkill for a CPU.

    Now I know. your going to go on and on and on.. about your 22000+ 3DMARK scores.. but 3DMARK Score = highly CPU Dependent benching. Yes.. that score equals a killer system.. but that score also represents how much more power you have than you truly need.

    My 3D Mark score was a measly 13K.. why? Again.. the CPU tests are damaging to my score. Damaging!!

    But in the real word.. as of games now.. it means nothing.

    Future proof? Quite honestly an i7 + GTX 295 will last you a while...
    and no..I would not be able to SLI the GTX295 despite my SLI Board.... that would definitely bottleneck my FX-60 hands down. So dont scream my CPU wont handle Quad Sli.. I know it wont lol.

    However.. as of now.. there is no bottleneck at anything I throw at it. Not Fallout 3, Crysis, World in Conflict. I even had teh Witcher in the 50's fps with everything maxed...

    again, maxed = full res, AA/AF maxed. .and highest possible graphic setting.. on everything. Except Crysis on Ulrta or whatever.. cause thats an Vista thing.. I know there is a workaround.. but I never did it.

    Lets go back a little...I started off with this same set up using a 7950 card. Moved to the 8800GTX, then to the GTX260 216 Core . Now granted the GTX260 is a stellar card for the price.. but I couldnt max all my games with 1900x1200 with FULL AA/AF. AA/AF in some of the newer games can bring a 260's fps low.

    As for the GTX 295. Im Running Fallout 3 (Ultra Settings) with Full AA/AF at my native 1900x1200 at 60-90fps. Crysis is set on HIGH with full res & max AA/AF.

    If I lower settings (such as screen res) the frame rate doesnt change much.. why? because lowering settings makes the GPU work less.. thus it does create a bottleneck on the CPU.

    Now there will be those who wine and moan i'm full of hot air... i'll happily show you a game bench, in game FPS or even post a video somewhere.. just tell me where..

    Now.. Will I ever go i7 (of course). You bet!!! Without a doubt. but not until Windows 7 SP1
    I'll still keep this PC... its screaming as of now.. And when it is time to upgrade... i'll go Quad core no doubt... Since the GTX295 + my Corsair 1000HX are great components.. i'll pull those out of the rig. I still have my GTX 260 216 FTW Edition which i'll put back in & I have a great Pc Power and Cooling 700 to match that I can throw back in.

    I looked at frame rates ppl are getting with i7 + GTX295's ... yes.. you got me beat.. by about 5-8fps lol.
    So case in point? GTX295 Upgrade > CPU Upgrade.

    Case Closed!!
  13. **Additional**

    I 100% agree with Jaydee:

    Crank that FX up to 3 Ghz, itll run like a 2.4 C2D, which is just on the cusp of getting most out of any card out, except for sli/cf highend, which in some games, no stock cpu is fast enough. A card upgrade will show you more improvements over any cpu upgrade. OC that thing, youll be ok, then upgrade your rig later

    He couldnt have said it better. i7 is great WHEN games utilize multi-threading.. when & if.. that happens .... I think its going to still be a while.. games are still catching up to utilizing Dual Cores.. yet we speak of Quads & 8's. Unless your doing insane amounts of multitasking with CS or Video Editing.. .. for gaming.. the CPU is the most over-rated component of any game system. GPU BABY!

    Sure.. eventually my CPU will be knocked off and cannot handle the GPU.. but look how far its come.. im handline th GTX295 Co-op without fail.. and my 5-8fps loss from games is because of the CPU.. but big deal.. if i'm hitting above 60FPS already..
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