Small amount of free disk space after RAID 0

Hello, I recently used the Intel Matrix Storage manager on my HP to turn on RAID on a 1 TB and 500 GB disks. I reinstalled Windows 7, had a few activation problem, but everything is fine now. I have every driver and whatnot I need, but there's one tiny problem.

This is s gaming computer, and when I went to install my copy of Microsoft flight simulator X, it said that there's only 1.9GB of free space on the hard drive. I checked in My Computer, and it shows 905 GB free. I have no idea why it would do this, besides the fact that I tried to restore it from a Macrium Reflect image of the (used to be) 918 GB partition on the first disk that was OEM installed. Since the partition is now 931.5 GB, I have no idea where the 1.9 GB is coming from.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. What installer does FS X use? Installshield?
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