How to get more bandwith

I have a Wii which I get Netflix movies on. However, often times , like now, it takes a long time for the movie to start and continually during the movie it is interrupted to retreive movie. This retreiving can take 15 mins.
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  1. How to get more bandwidth? Have your credit card ready and contact your ISP.
  2. Several things can cause this, not neccisarily a bandwidth issue as far as your ISP subscription goes.

    Can you log onto your pc and try logging into your netflix account from there? If so, do you experience the lag times there as well?

    Do you have wifi? If so, is your router locked down, WEP? WPA? Make sure you dont have any rascals leeching your precious bandwidth. Log into your router, check the logs and boot anyone off that you dont recognize, then lock it down.

    Your wii uses wifi? If so, how far away/how great is the signal strength to it?

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