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Hi my new computer should be arriving tomorrow. it has a quad core Q6700(2.66Ghz).4GB RAM on 64bit vista and 2x 9800GT SLI, my question is what kind of performence can i expect outta these cards in somthing like crysis at very high on 1680/1060. any estimations on FPS would be appreciated and i cant change my mind now so plese make me feel like i made a good choice cheers! xx
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  1. well it was a good choice, I mean if You search up 8800 GT in sli benchmarks they beat 1 280 GTX in most games. And the Q6700 is a little faster than the Q6600, but has alot more potential since it has a higher multiplier:D

    So good stuff:D, although put in 4 more gigs of ram would also be an accomplishment, but not necessary good job:D

    I'd say your good for any current gen games:D and should be good for the future, although it might come a time where AA won't be possible anymore:P
  2. Thanks alot im really looking forward to when it arrives tomorrow you put my mind at rest cheers!
  3. Nice system , congrats!
  4. Yes, very nice system. Enjoy!

    Liquid, why do you suggest 4 more gigs of ram? Just curious, because overclocking competitions only use 2 gigs and not many applications exceed 4 gigs unless your video encoding and multitasking at the same time. I currently have 4 gigs and for the most part its overkill but nice to know its there...
  5. Thanks alot i gotta say everyone on this forum is alot more friendly than those at gamespot or any other place where they just moan constantly cheers!
  6. Well since he's running Vista 64 I would say its a waste:). PLus you can never have enough RAM if you've noticed when it comes to computers. I mean Windows loves to spread its legs, and we all know how much Vista loves RAM. Its not a must, but it can be a bonus for him. I did say it would be nice, but he doesn't have to.
  7. 4 gigs of ram is plenty for gameing!
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