Intel DG45ID - What processor?

Morning all,

I have recently got myself an Intel DG45ID uATX board and could do with some advice as to choosing a processor.

I have an Core 2 X6800 but this board doesn't appear to support it due to not being able to provide enough power.

I use my machine for the following usages:

Developement using Visual Studio 2008 / Silverlight
Web surfing
Media Centre (Online TV/ Music)
Occasional game but older retro games.
Occasional Photo Editing

Seeing as performance of alot of the newe strips outstrips the X680 i thought i would get a new CPU rather than a new board.

Looking to spend about £100 ($170) and I don't want to run an overclocked machine if it runs too noisy or hot.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Have i put this in the wrong forum?

  2. Being that I don't know where you are planing on purchasing your chip, I dont know the prices. Here is a list of supported processors. Just get what you can afford.
  3. Easy Q9450 should make you happy but the cost is a bit high.

    Alternatively an E 8400.

    If the work demands for Visual Studio 2008 are your most pressing need then get a quad core which will compile your work faster ... if not, then a dual is more sufficient for general purpose, and will likely run older games better than a quad which is clocked slower.

    The newer 8 and9 series cpu's also run a bit cooler at idle, and slightly faster for some applications under load than the older 4 and 6 series cpus' - this is a grossly simplistic interpretation mind you.

    Hope this helps.

    Not sure what 170 pounds buys you there ...
  4. Great thanks for the reply.

    I was thinking of getting the Q660 G0 stepping. It is about the same price for a Q660 or an E8400 but as i have read there are lot of pro's and con's as to which one to get.

    As i like to multi-task i.e Internet Browse, Media Player, Visual Studio at the same time...would the quad core be of benefit or would this be mainly down to the RAM in my system?

    Just a shame it does not support my X6800 which i guess is a little out of date now anyway.
  5. I think either the Q6600 or the E8400 would do you beautifully. I'm sure you'd be happy with either one. I, personally, would probably save a bit of cash and grab an E7200.
  6. Just looked into the E7200 and certainly does seem good value.

    With the DG45ID board, will i have access to overclocking the processor at all? My experience is with more high end Intel boards so am not sure about the BIOs for this model.
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