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So I am in the process of overclocking my new i7 950 with the asus p6t deluxe v2 board and Corasir dominator 1600mhz ram and a clean install of win7 RC. I have been able to get it 100% stable at 3.7ghz with a bclck of 155 a vcore of 1.14v and ram at 1242mhz. But when I go to 4ghz I start to have a little issue. I raise the bclock up to 167 keep the ram at the same setting but it goes up to1334mhz. The vcore i had to raise up to 1.21v. I left everything else auto. I run prime95 and after like 30mins it BSOD's and gives the following error...SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with a code of 0x0000003B......Does anyone know what needs to be changed to make it stable? I googled the code and it usually means a error in the registry or something but that cannot be it. also cooling is not an issue right now i have a TRUE lapped with two 100cfm fans on it and its loads at like 65c in a 25c room. thanks for any input guys.
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  1. well id say its most likeyly to need a little more volts. bump it up a little and try again. other than that possibly memory instability but if its well within bounds then it SHOULD be volts.

    up your vcore. but there may be other things you need to give more volts (nothbridge ect ect sorry i dont have a i7) that you arent. also try setting your memory to more stable settings.
  2. see the weird thing is that it happens everytime at about 30mins into the test...I will try upping the vcore i dont think its the memory cuz it is running below what its rated at so it should be fine
  3. update: i increased the vcore a little bit and it lasted and hour on prime so I guess that was it jus gonna keep going a lil more til i hit 4 hours
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