gtx260 power supply problems ??

Sorry if this has been asked before but the search engine just keeps saying "thread does not exist"

I just bought a gainward gtx260 and as soon as it's put under load the computer instantly shuts down.
I can run the card ok with no anti aliasing but as soon as i put it to 4x it crashed within seconds (using furmark)
I'm thinking it may be the PSU which is an EZcool 700W with twin 20amp 12v rails , is it a crap psu or should it be good enough ?? Or is the card faulty ??
If i put my 8800GTS back in it runs fine
any advice is greatly appreciated

PC specs are
intel6600 dual core
4gb ram
raptor 36gb HD system drive
3 other HD's but i even tried it with them unplugged
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  1. seems like a driver issue. try to reinstall drivers. ur psu seems fine if it runs without aa then its fine adding more aa doesnt require more watts.
  2. Rofl, EZcool? I don't think I have ever heard of that one.. 2x20amp 12v rails are extremely weak for a 700watt PSU, which means that most of the power is emphasised on the 5v rail (nearly unused in newer pc's). Buy a quality power supply. That is the #1 problem when trying to run high power cards. It could be possible that in your games when you add AA that it puts more load on the card, when your card isnt being taken full advantage of due to you running a stock clocked e6600. Also, try reinstalling and cleaning your drivers to rule that out.
  3. Also found this quick link to a discussion about this EZcool psu.
  4. Thanks for the replies , decided to order a new psu 750watt corsair so hopefully it will be more than adequate
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