Where did I screw up this time?

Well, it's time to once again build a new system for gaming. I am just making this thread so the people who actually know what they are doing can correct me before I click Buy Now, and realize I bought a microwave instead of a GPU.

Here are the Specs.

CPU: Wolfdale E8400 (will attempt a 4-4.2 Overclock)
MOBO: Asus P5Q Pro
RAM: Mushkin XP PC2 8500 DDR2 4GB
GPU: Waiting for my beloved R700 to show itself.
HDD Western Digital 640GB
CPU Cooler: I am not sure which to get, I was leaning towards the Tuniq Tower.
Case: Antec Nine Hundred
PSU: Will my old OCZ GameXstream 700W be enough for this? :(

I have the rest of the pieces I need already, this is just the new stuff I was ordering, and wanted some Pros Opinions :)
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  1. Where did you screw up? You woke up this morning.... just kidding.

    Are you saying you're waiting for the 4870X2 ATI card? or are you going to wait to see how good ATI's R700 drivers compare to Nvidia's R180? Your call I guess... a bunch of people are just going to vouch for ATI regardless of the drivers.

    CPU Cooler: I'd go with Xigmatek HDT-S1283 and retention bracket:


    And your PSU will be fine

    Good luck!
  2. You did not screw up at all, good choices. The PSU is fine too.

    +1 for the Xigmatek, but the Tuniq is good too.
  3. Basically I mean i'm snatching the first R700 I can get my hands on :P Benchmarks have given me some insight to what this card is capable of.

    As for that CPU Cooler, I just did a quick google on some benchs, and it performed near the bottom of the pool :(
  4. well, im hoping you get your card, don't expect it to work 'great' until better drivers come out... and im not sure of the release date, but if you want it that bad, you better be clicking that refresh button on newegg that night =P
  5. Good build!

    For the heatsink, the newish "direct touch" method really outperforms the older huge tower design. The tuniq is still good, but you want the Xigmatek + Retention Brack, OCZ Vendetta 2 + a retention bracket, or Sunbeam (makers of the Tuniq) Core Contact and it comes with a retention bracket. It's not a bolt thru bracket, it clips on using the Intel push pins, but it's much better than no bracket and pushpins. I prefer the Sunbeam now after having installed a few recently.

    Good luck!
  6. How important is it to be able to use the 8-pin CPU power connector on the motherboard? Does your PCU have the required connector?
  7. Much Appreciatted!!! After looking around, I liked the Sunbeam's Core Contact :P Will be getting that instead. Also, just to make sure, as I am going to be gaming on this machine, the E8400 at say... 4.0. Is that going to bottleneck my machine?
  8. Only in FSX.
  9. Weeby12 said:
    Is that going to bottleneck my machine?
  10. 4ghz definitely won't be a bottleneck! Anything over 3.2-3.6ghz (depending on the gfx card) is pretty much extra gravy right now :)

    Good luck with the build! And one more thing: if you haven't already, google around for ways to apply thermal compound to a direct touch heatsink. It's a little different. I put the past between the pipes first, which I think is what you'll find many suggest. But like I said, google for it so you can look at some purdy pictures too!
  11. wr2 was being sarcastic, just as you were im going to assume
  12. Actually I wasn't.
  13. Damnit it man, we'll tell you if you were being sarcastic or not!

    I didn't actually didn't see his post, I was typing too slowly I guess and he got in before me but it does look like it went over my head :)

  14. Thanks for the replies everyone, Parts ordered, bank account is once again angry at me. Oh, and if anyone has heard anything about a release date of the R700 (4870X2) send me a PM or something :P I literally will be up in the night clicking refresh.
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