Anand: "Hell Freezes Over" - Native SLI on INtel X58!

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  1. Only X58.....

    Damn, Huang. WTF!!!

    Yet, that's something.
  2. Would 4 16X slots really be worth the extra money over 4 8x ?
  3. cah027 said:
    Would 4 16X slots really be worth the extra money over 4 8x ?

    It depends - If you are going for a ballz to the wall setup with 4GPU's? OH yeah..

    If you're using "just" one? Not so much.
  4. Bout damn time...
    Now we just have to figure out how to spoof the "Key" for the drivers and finally open SLI for all Intel motherboards.

    I think it was a smart move for nVidia, anyways.
    As Intel is hellbent on keeping nVidia from producing chipsets for LGA-1336 i7, this is probably the only way they can keep the enthuses nVidia fans from switching to ATI for their high end builds. Who knows, maybe they will see the light after making this decision and finally officially support SLI on ALL systems *keeps dreaming*
  5. The way i see it they had no choice in the matter, This new Lucid Hydra 100 chip that people have been talking about will make liscences/keys worthless, or so they say.(If it does what it says on the tin) .

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