Com keep crashing with new ram

hi im still using my old com right now. its running on P5q pro with 1 2gb ddr2 kingston ram with a 9600HD vid card. recently i bought another new 2gb ram ddr2, inserted in and now my com keep crashing. the games got left out and the com restart by itself. can anyone help me?

PS: im using win XP still
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  1. 1. the new memory card has to be a match to the existing memory card.
    2. the new cards must be inserted in the correct slots.
    3. after installing two cards in the correct slots, do a repair install of the XP operating system. This will configure the new hardware. See THIS forum, fourth post from the top, for directions to do the REPAIR install.
    4. If you are sure that the matching memory is inserted in the correct slots, and you have done the repair install:
    If the same problem occurs again, as described above, you have a DEFECTIVE motherboard.
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