P5N7A-VM chipset too hot maybe??

Hi guys

I've just mounted one of this mobos on a Antec Fusion Remote Max with a E8600 with a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 (yes, it fits)

Atm it's running only with both Antec 3 speed fans on the rear (12 and 14 cm) and with Prime95 SpeedFan says both cores stay below 60 degrees celsius with fans on low. However with todays update of SpeedFan (shows GPU temp) I've noticed that the chipset temperature is at 75 degrees celsius on Idle!!

Is this normal? It's a bit worrying....

Thanks in advance

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  1. And a confirmation to this post two years later. Yes this mainboard has a temp problem. I'm not sure if it is because of the last BIOS update but I didn't seem to have the problem before then or perhaps didn't notice it. I took my temps with the ASUS Probe II utility and Lavaly's Everest.

    Looking for a solution. I love this handy mainboard. I's looking forward to more mainboards with great IGP to include full 2.0 PCIe crossfire at x16 each lane. That will be a keeper mainboard with some extended value.
  2. Lol, a loooooong time since the post :)

    It has a problem indeed. I sent it back to the retailer, who sent me a new one that has the same problem, maybe a bit less heat but still the problem there. I checked other forums and lots of people had the same problem, then read that some guy had changed the chipset heat sink for a fancier Thermalright adding a small fan to it. Did that myself and voilá, 40ºC "only", around 50º at full 1080p playing on the GPU.

    On the same forum they said that a certain BIOS update let you see the problem that the previous one didnt show, giving you a fixed value of 39ºC

    After that the board has been running smoothly.


    PS: I use speedfan to monitor temps
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